On the application of color in drug packaging

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Talking about the use of color in drug packaging

after years of research and experiments, scientists have found that color can directly affect people's mood. Among the colorful colors, some can arouse people's exuberant energy, some can make people depressed, some can arouse people's anger, some can stimulate people's digestive function, and some can cause stomach spasm 3 months after operation

by observing and analyzing people's reactions to color, we can not only help people diagnose many diseases, but also use color to treat some diseases. People call this new type of therapy "pigment therapy"

this kind of pigment therapy is not someone's imagination. Professor Francos Barra, deputy director of the Applied Physics Laboratory of the National Museum of natural history in Paris and a member of the international color association, said: "the emotional uneasiness caused by color perception can be seen from the electrocardiogram." Professor arot Wolfart, a biologist at the University of Alberto in Canada, pointed out: "in a red environment, the rhythm and pressure of the heart pulse increase by 17% respectively. Red makes people energetic, but it is easy to cause anger." A trial of 1000 patients in a hospital in Berlin showed that patients with heart failure particularly dislike red, while patients with tuberculosis also dislike red, because red is the same color as blood. For drug manufacturers, these tests are of great significance: red should be banned from tablets for the treatment of cardiovascular disease and pulmonary tuberculosis

red, orange and yellow are highly irritating colors, which can make people's cerebral cortex in an excited state, pupils expand, and heart beats accelerate. For tonic drugs, vitamins, rheumatism, etc., the temperature gradient and temperature fluctuation in the experimental box must be limited. The packaging design of drugs can appropriately use warm colors such as red

the green and blue brain waves reflect relaxation and sedation, so they are used in the packaging design of sedative, hypnotic, hypotensive, antipyretic and analgesic drugs

the results of an experiment carried out in a hospital in londino, Italy show that patients with depression like yellow best. Yellow makes people feel warm and light, which can increase appetite and treat insomnia and forgetfulness. For those who want to quit drinking, the most taboo color is yellow, because most alcoholic drinks are slightly yellow

white, pure and elegant, can comfort patients with heart and brain disease, and has the function of stabilizing emotions

black can induce accidents and make people tired and irritable...

for this reason, drug packaging and decoration designers should use more brains to apply colors according to disease conditions and drug effects, so as to promote patients to recover as soon as possible

different ethnic groups in China also have different color hobbies. When designing the packaging and decoration of drugs, the use of color should pay attention to national and religious habits, and respect the taboos of ethnic minorities on Color:

Uighurs generally taboo yellow, while Christians taboo yellow, believing that yellow is despicable and treacherous. The Han nationality generally uses red to indicate happiness. 1. The signs are used for detection and celebration, and black and white are used for funerals. Tibetans take white as their noble color, like black, red, orange, purple and dark brown, and avoid light yellow and green. Mongolians generally like orange, blue, green and purple, and avoid using black and white. Hui people like black, white, blue, red and green, and white is used in funerals. Jing people like white and brown. Manchu people like yellow, purple, red and blue, and avoid using white. Dai people like white. Li people like red, brown, dark blue and black. Wa clan: avoid using white

2. With the increasing international exchanges of contemporary commodities, the application of color should also pay attention to the likes and taboos of color in all countries in the world. Only a pharmaceutical export company that fully understands and accurately understands the color preferences and taboos can color the pharmaceutical packaging and help you enter the international market. For example, most African countries like bright colors, but Nigeria, Togo and other countries believe that red represents witchcraft, demons and death. In Venezuela in Latin America, yellow is forbidden, while in India in Asia, yellow is very popular. Japan, Singapore and Malaysia like to use red and green instead of white. Myanmar and Thailand like bright colors. Turkey uses scarlet, white and green. Syria likes to use blue, blue and crimson, and avoids using white. The funeral in Iraq is in black. Pakistan prefers emerald green to yellow. Italy and Austria like green. Germany likes black and grey. Spain likes black. France likes grey. Switzerland doesn't use black. Purple is forbidden in Peru. Sweden does not use blue or yellow. Blue is forbidden in Egypt. Greece likes white and blue. Mexico likes red, white and green. Holland likes orange. Bulgaria likes grey green and tan, but does not like bright colors. Morocco prefers darker colors

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