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Talking about the use and working principle of whiteness tester

drk103a whiteness tester is used to measure the whiteness of objects (the degree that the material color is close to white. It is usually expressed as the percentage of the diffuse reflected light of the sample to the incident light.), Whiteness tester is widely used in papermaking, textile, printing and dyeing, plastics, ceramics, enamel, grain, building materials, paint, chemical industry, salt and other production and commodity inspection departments that need to measure the whiteness of special bodies. The whiteness meter can also measure the transparency, opacity, light scattering coefficient and absorption coefficient of paper

working principle

the whiteness meter uses an integrating sphere to measure the absolute spectral diffuse reflectance. With the light emitted by halogen tungsten lamps, the market of recycled plastic granulators is becoming more and more promising. After the spotlight and color filter, it becomes blue purple. The owner of LEGO kjeld Kirk China is a sleeping lion, Kristiansen said, After entering the integrating sphere, the light diffusely reflects on the inner wall of the integrating sphere and irradiates on the sample at the test port. The light reflected by the sample is received by the silicon photocell after passing through the condensing lens and the light bar color filter group and converted into an electrical signal. Another silicon photocell receives the substrate signal in the sphere. The two electrical signals have been amplified and mixed, and the digital display of measurement results has been obtained with UL, CE, NSF and other third-party certification


1. Determine the blue diffuse reflection factor (R457) of the sample, which is called blue brightness or ISO brightness

2. Analyze whether the sample material contains fluorescent brightener, and measure the fluorescent whiteness generated by fluorescent emission, that is, whiteness

3. Measure the brightness stimulation value Y10 of the sample, that is, the green light diffuse reflection factor ry

4. Measure the opacity, transparency, light scattering coefficient and light absorption coefficient of the sample

5. Measure the ink absorption value of paper and paperboard

product features

the whiteness tester adopts d/o illumination to observe the geometric conditions (iso2469), the diameter of the diffusing ball is 150mm, and a light absorber is set, which eliminates the influence of the mirror reflected light of the sample. The peak wavelength of the spectral power distribution of R457 whiteness optical system is 457nm, and the FWHM is 44nm; Ry optical system complies with GB: object color measurement method It can be measured many times and give the arithmetic mean of a series of measurement results. With power-off protection, zero adjustment, calibration, standard value and other data, even if the power is lost for a long time, the data will not be lost

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