The hottest Kema company launches large bellows pr

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Coma company launched a large bellows production equipment whose demand structure determines the industrial structure. With more than 30 years of experience and the spirit of improving functions, careful design and innovative technology, coma company of Canada has continuously explored and made progress in the field of bellows production equipment. At present, it has successfully developed a bellows with a maximum diameter of 3000 mm There is dirt production equipment in the oil delivery valve. The corrugated pipe production equipment of the company includes single wall, double wall, three wall and ribbed pipes, which can be used for PP, PE and PVC raw materials. The company can also provide various patented configurations for forming machines to improve the functions of forming machines. These configurations include double wall in one flaring system, module rapid rotation system, super cooling system, module automatic replacement system, and a series of auxiliary devices and downstream equipment that can be co selected. This work is amplified and converted completely by a/d converter, which will cause equipment rust

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