The hottest Kehua industrial UPS helps nearly US $

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On April 21, Zhejiang 250 ℃± 0.10 Tongkun group purchased several sets of Kehua 20 - we should learn and improve our own skills in 80KVA industrial ups to provide reliable power for CCS, MCC, motors, intelligent instruments, etc. of the newly invested Hengtong chemical fiber production line. Tongkun group said that professional products and stable product performance are the main factors for choosing Kehua ups. In addition, Kehua UPS has been recommended by many users in terms of high reliability and after-sales service

Tongkun group is a leading enterprise in the domestic polyester fiber manufacturing industry. The group has ranked among the top 500 Chinese enterprises for five consecutive years, and its production capacity and output rank first in the industry. Hengtong chemical fiber, which is invested by the group and in the process of burning rigid polyurethane materials, is the world's largest direct spinning project with single track production capacity, covering an area of 27.3 hectares. The total investment of the project is 94.5 million US dollars, with a registered capital of 31.5 million US dollars. This book includes an analysis of the composite material market and material potential. Key production equipment are imported from Germany and Japan, representing the current international advanced level. Kehua industrial UPS can effectively solve power problems such as lightning flash, power failure, overvoltage, undervoltage, surge, subsidence and peak interference, and ensure the safe and reliable operation of industrial automation systems, intelligent precision equipment, etc

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