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KOMA "School of project and personnel management"

time flies. After the Turin and Detroit stops in Italy, the Shanghai stop welcomed our second 11 day project management training activity on August 31

this year, a total of 25 students from Italian and Chinese universities participated in the training of KOMA college. They come from different countries, speak different languages and have different backgrounds, but they have the same pursuit and curiosity for project management and practical learning

here, there are professional project management trainers, university professors and enterprise front-line managers from KOMA to teach face-to-face with students and share practical experience; Here, 2 is to continue to refine and introduce relevant industrial support policies, including foreign stories shared by students alone on stage, team building with new students, debates on different topics, and transnational friendship built through two weeks of class and play together; Here, there are cheers, laughter, theory and practice

KOMA is an automated flexible system manufacturing enterprise. At the same time, we are also a project management company that many people may doubt. We have a complete set of project management theory, combined with the practical experience of KOMA in branches around the world, through the combination of theory and practice, is it still 10%? The dual system courses, one yuan in the classroom and one yuan in the enterprise, share with students the wisdom and crystallization of KOMA's project management. It provides a platform for students who are eager to grow rapidly and join the business community to learn project and personnel management methods and tools to help them face the increasingly competitive international market challenges

all students who participate in the college training will accept the examination upon graduation and obtain the relevant certificates issued by KOMA after graduation

those fleeting jumps: that is, the flow of time. This year's event has come to an end. See you next year

are you ready to join us next year? Hurry up

the KOMA project and personnel management college is hosted by KOMA company and cooperates with Italian Sacred Heart Catholic University, Turin Polytechnic University, Lawrence Polytechnic University, Tongji University, Munich Polytechnic University and hrcommunity human resources community

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the college is open to students under the age of 29 who study bachelor's degrees, master's degrees and have graduated from universities in engineering, economics and Humanities (all interfaces on Sociology and psychology machines are corresponding, etc.)

please consult your university about the possibility of obtaining credits by participating in this program

introduction to KOMA

KOMA is the world's leading manufacturer of automated flexible systems, integrating products, processes and services perfectly, significantly improving efficiency and reducing overall costs. Headquartered in Turin, Italy, KOMA has a business network covering 17 countries and regions around the world, with more than 13500 employees. It is committed to using the latest technologies and processes to provide customers with an advanced complete system that has always exceeded expectations. KOMA focuses on body welding and assembly, powertrain machining and assembly, robotics and maintenance services, as well as manufacturing systems and environmental protection services for various industrial sectors. Constantly expanding and upgrading products and services enable KOMA to lead the industrial automation industry, meet the unique needs of every customer, and run through the whole project cycle, from design, implementation and installation to production trial operation and maintenance services

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