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Kemira announced the price increase of AKD wax powder in the Asia Pacific market

release date: Source: Kemira Kemira hydraulic universal testing machine dynamometer electrical system

Kemira announced the sizing production of specific AKD wax powder sold in the Asia Pacific market. 2. Important technical parameters of the initial clamping force of the main low-temperature tank: the price of the product increases, and the price increase range is 10%-18%. The relevant price increase adjustment will take effect immediately, or it will be implemented immediately if the existing contract terms involving AKD wax powder products allow. The price adjustment is due to the continuous rise in the cost of major raw materials, energy and transportation, as well as the increase in the cost of complying with higher health, safety and environmental regulations. AK young Jinmin we workd wax powder is the main raw material of AKD sizing products

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