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Kemira's new 10000 ton recycled plastic granulator in China meets huge business opportunities. At present, the recycling rate of waste plastics in China is not high. Papermaking sizing agent production line

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nuclear will increase the friction between moving parts. Heart tip: Kemira, the world's leading chemical company On May 31, the foundation was laid for two new 10000 ton AKD and rosin lotion projects in its Nanjing plant

[China Packaging News] Kemira, the world's leading chemical company (when the assembly bears the ultimate working load a), laid the foundation for two new 10000 ton AKD and rosin lotion projects in its Nanjing factory on May 31

the new 20000 ton AKD and rosin lotion project to be started soon is located in the existing plant area of Kemira Nanjing factory. The project will use Kemira's unique technology to produce high-quality lotion. It is planned to be completed in May 2017 and put into operation in July 2017. At that time, Nanjing plant will be able to provide 16000 tons of high-quality AKD lotion and 4000 tons of high-quality rosin lotion for the Asia Pacific market, further enrich its pulp and paper chemicals portfolio in the Asia Pacific region, improve local customer service capabilities, and consolidate its leading position in the field of paper and paper chemicals

sizing is an important process in paper production. Sizing agent is used to control anti liquid medium in the paper production process and improve the printability of paper and paperboard. AKD and rosin lotion are both used as paper sizing agents. AKD sizing can effectively slow down the yellowing of paper, improve the durability of paper, improve the printability, and reduce the corrosion of mechanical equipment, which is conducive to the closed circulation of white water to achieve the purpose of water saving and emission reduction. Rosin sizing can be well combined with fine fibers and fillers in the pulp, and then through the action of cationic groups, the fine fibers and fibers in the pulp form a like structure, reducing the loss of fine fibers in the process of papermaking, saving pulp consumption, reducing white water concentration and wastewater discharge

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