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Kenya: Waste blown exquisite glass

glass fragments and waste bottles can turn waste into treasure in a glass studio in Kenya. Skilled craftsmen are known to use them to create glass utensils with novel and unique shapes and a wide range of uses

this glass studio is located next to Nairobi National Park. Piles of glass fragments and glass bottles are the raw materials of the factory. More than 70 workers melt them in a high-temperature furnace, and then use steel pipes to blow the molten glass into various glass products according to the designed shape. Every product here is made by hand, so even the best plastic design made by designers with good material selection will fail, which is particularly important. Designers first draw their inspiration and creativity with chalk and cut it out with paper, and then make the final design after repeated modifications. Then, waste plastic recycling plants do not produce products according to the design, so that there are pieces of glassware with different characteristics, and each piece is a work of art that embodies the sweat of designers and workers. From colorful colored glasses, lampshades, vases, to ingenious inlaid ornaments, small and exquisite glass ornaments, these products "are not only very popular in East Africa, but also attract many foreign tourists. The boss of the studio often travels around the world to introduce his unique glass products produced in an environmentally friendly way

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