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Kentucky contractors won the "annual gardening and greening industry award" sponsored by case

Kentucky contractors won the "annual gardening and greening industry award" sponsored by case

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Guide: Henkel Denmark won the American gardening and greening industry award. Racine, Wisconsin, USA, December 2, 2011, Bill Henkel and Gordon Denmark, owners of Henkel Denmark in Lexington, Kentucky, won the 2012 garden greening industry sponsored by real estate life magazine

Henkel Denmark wins the American landscaping industry award when using a standard torque meter

Racine, Wisconsin, USA on December 2, 2011, Bill Henkel and Gordon Denmark, owners of Henkel Denmark in Lexington, Kentucky, USA, won the 2012 landscaping industry award hosted by real estate life magazine. This annual award was sponsored by case engineering machinery company, and 12 people were selected from thousands of experts in the landscaping industry to participate in the final finals

in recognition of the winners, 12 finalists and their relatives and friends enjoyed a free 4-day tour of Panama in November. During this period, Henkel Denmark was awarded the championship

Henkel Denmark will be on the cover of real estate life magazine in January 2012, and the situation of the other 11 finalists will be reported in the magazine in 2012

"for a long time, case has been providing the latest machinery for the landscaping industry. Plasticomp has single particle mixed long glass and carbon fiber composite equipment, such as alpha series skid steer loaders and small crawler loaders we recently adopted," said Jim Hayes, vice president of case engineering machinery company, "We are committed to providing a complete set of equipment suitable for various projects for customers in the landscaping industry. 7. The appearance surface has protrusions, depressions, roughness and other damages not specified in the drawing."

because of its focus on the maintenance and construction of landscaping, Henkel Denmark has won numerous awards for its diversified services. From large apartment complexes to irregular farmland farms and urban courtyards, Henkel Denmark has a wide variety of customers. The company has joined various trade associations in the landscaping industry, and in the local community where the company is located, the company provides free landscaping services for schools and residential areas

in the landscaping industry, the annual award for landscaping of real estate life magazine enjoys the highest reputation. The award recognizes those contractors in the landscaping industry with an annual income of nearly $8million

this award recognizes companies, industry elites, marketing and equipment management experts who practice the highest standards of landscape technology, as well as people who pay attention to safety and participate in community work

Danish Gordon (left) and bill Henkel, the bosses of Henkel Denmark in Lexington, Kentucky, won the 2012 gardening industry award sponsored by case Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. and sponsored by real estate life magazine

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