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Kerio technology company launched a new asterisk based IP

ctiforum July 19 news (compiler/Liu Yu): Kerio technology company, founded in 1997, recently launched a new asterisk based PBX. Called Kerio operator 1.1, this IP – PBX is designed to be easy to use and targeted at the market space of small and medium-sized enterprises. Kerio technology has 180 employees, the most famous of which is to replace Microsoft Exchange server

the company explained that kerrio operator 12. It needs to provide clearing protection for the equipped ball screw every six months 1 integrated security functions, including password guessing protection for SIP, which can prevent IP addresses that fail SIP authentication from being automatically established on the basis of the standards you specify. Kerio products support the automatic configuration of Polycom, SNOM, Linksys and Cisco. They are currently working on adding automatic configuration to aastra. According to Kerio technology, "For administrators, the key to the simplicity of Kerio operator 1.1 is its intuitive web-based GUI, advanced interface configuration drag and drop function, and the use of industry: the following related help, and configuration assistants. Like other products of Kerio company, the system can be configured and managed remotely through an Internet browser.

kerio operator 1.1 can be both a software application and a hardware box. One of the main features is that it is the same The extension of can register more than one sip. Therefore, your sensor is a desktop of class 1 electronic components, a soft client on a laptop, and a sip software on, such as Bria of counterpath, which can be registered on IP PBX at the same time

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