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Kehua UPS won the honorary title of "Green Star"

recently, Xiamen Kehua received a notice from the China Environmental Protection Industry Association that the fr-uk series and Kr series UPS products of Kehua company passed strict performance testing and index testing, and were awarded the "Green Star" certificate. This is the first "Green Star low cost" certificate obtained by the first IT enterprise in Fujian Province in 2007, and it is also another energy-saving and environmental protection certificate of Kehua ups after obtaining the energy-saving product certification certificate. The standard is also relatively intuitive, which means that the energy-saving and environmental protection power supply products developed and produced by Kehua company are once again affirmed by authoritative institutions through imitation experiments

as the largest high-end UPS provider in China, Kehua company has been committed to advocating the development of power products in the direction of green environmental protection. In recent years, it has been recognized and supported by all sectors of society by continuously increasing the research and development of green power products, developing environmental protection and energy-saving technologies, and producing and promoting energy-saving power products. The year 2007 was a year when the products of Tangshan area, which fell by 10 yuan/ton, were officially implemented into government procurement, and it was also a key year for government agencies to purchase energy-saving products. The acquisition of "Green Star" once again proves the excellent performance and strong competitiveness of Kehua series power products, and also lays a solid foundation for Kehua to become a supplier of government energy-saving products

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