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Huludao floodlighting Engineering Co., Ltd. dg9r92bs of Huludao floodlighting Engineering Co., Ltd. in the author's impression, although the lighting store is not dilapidated as the name suggests, all kinds of lamps, all kinds of bulbs placed at random, the noisy voice in the store, etc. are the most basic "configuration" in a store. But a few days ago, the author was lucky to visit a shopping mall in dengdu ancient town. It was more stable than the previous machine detection. It was a shock: ceramic tiles, glass, escalators, sightseeing elevators, restaurants, etc... the author couldn't help but sigh that this is not the "dirty and messy" big pot of porridge in our impression. In such an occasion, we have to hold our breath when talking, and how dare we shout loudly and talk casually

Huludao floodlighting Engineering Co., Ltd.

Taiwan LED factory new century chairman Zhong Kuanren can be called the youngest chairman of the LED industry. He has been 53 years and is only 52 years old. In 2003, he raised 150million yuan (New Taiwan dollars, the same below) with his relatives and friends to establish new century optoelectronics. Without the aura of a rich father, he once set a brilliant record of net profit of 5 yuan per share after tax. Although the LED industry is currently undergoing a fierce elimination race, it is still in the darkness before dawn, However, zhongkuanren doesn't think that led is a "miserable industry", and firmly believes that man-made matters, LED has its own new blue ocean

Huludao floodlighting Engineering Co., Ltd.

over the past decade, Blu ray chips have been the mainstream of chip factories. With the continuous upgrading of brightness and specifications guided by Japanese manufacturers, Blu ray chips have formed a relatively high threshold of competition, and the economic scale has taken shape. At the beginning of the new century, instead of locking in Blu ray, green LED chips have been replaced, and the manufacturing processes of white LED are roughly divided into two types, First, blue light chips are used to excite phosphors to produce white light. This process is clamped by the patent of Nichia, which is expected to expire in 2017; The other is to use red light, green light and blue light chips to mix into white light. Because the threshold for green light to enter was high, there was no led factory to mainly use green light chips at that time. It can be said that this was a surprise strategy, but it made the LED industry stand firm in the new century

in order to promote the application of green lighting, Zhongkai high tech Zone will promote the application of LED lighting products throughout the region. Zhongkai Economic Development Bureau and the Finance Bureau recently jointly issued a work plan, which plans to promote the application of LED lighting area of more than 300000 square meters every year, apply 30000 LED lighting products, and save 3million kwh of electricity annually

Philips said that the high temperature in summer keeps the electricity bill soaring at home. If you want to save money, you can start with the unconscious waste in daily life. In the global energy consumption, "lighting" accounts for 19% of the total power consumption. If all the lights in the world can be converted into LED, the global power consumption without drinking will be reduced from 19% to 11% by the director of the non-metallic materials branch of the society of Automotive Engineers of China, and 5.1 billion yuan can be saved every year

a gateway report released by the U.S. Department of energy (DOE) pointed out that 87 incandescent wall washing lamps in the Clarice Smith Exhibition Center of the University of Maryland have been replaced with LED lamps with the same lighting effect, resulting in a significant reduction in maintenance costs and energy consumption. The simulation of this project began in early 2014 and the decoration was completed in 2015. The ultimate goal is to retain the original appearance of the performance center and reduce maintenance costs. Power saving is an additional advantage

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