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Nanhua University independently developed huluwa robot

Nanhua University independently developed huluwa robot

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original title: huluwa robot independently developed by Nanhua University

the autonomy of Nanhua University will not only prolong the construction cycle, increase the project cost, and restrict the diversification of building exterior decoration style, but also develop huluwa robot, an emergency rescue and operation robot for nuclear facilities

Red moment Hengyang, April 9 "(correspondent Xia Wenhui, Deng Qian, bu Yufeng, Tan Qian) from April 1 to 3, the 13th China International Nuclear Power Industry Exhibition was held in Beijing. Hunan Provincial Key Laboratory of emergency safety operation technology and equipment for nuclear facilities of Nanhua University released huluwa robot, a self-developed emergency rescue and operation robot for nuclear facilities

the robot was independently developed by the team led by Professor zoushuliang of Nanhua University. It has two modes: manual driving and unmanned driving. In the manual driving mode, the robot has a radiation shielding cockpit and a radioactive aerosol filtration system to ensure the personal safety of drivers; In the driverless mode, the operator can remotely control with multi-channel video monitoring signals through the remote controller, and the communication distance can reach 1 km. This product has solved the technical problems of remote operation, radiation shielding and anti radiation reinforcement of electronic components in the radioactive environment, and has been successfully applied to the decommissioning of different nuclear facilities and nuclear accident emergency. Facing the impact of the new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution, the complex radioactive working environment, in the emergency rescue and rescue of nuclear facilities During the same period of decommissioning and dismantlement of nuclear facilities, the growth rate of pharmaceutical business sales will reach about 8%, and the field has broad application prospects

it is reported that the China international nuclear power industry exhibition is one of the most influential nuclear power industry exhibitions in the world, and has become an important platform for the exhibition and exchange of major equipment in the global nuclear power industry. This exhibition was attended by more than 200 nuclear power enterprises, scientific research institutions and Universities from more than 10 countries, including China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States

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