The hottest human finally won 573 consecutive wins

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Mankind finally wins! After 573 consecutive victories, AI openai five was finally defeated by humans

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previously, we reported that AI openai competed with ti8 world champion og team, winning easily with 2:0. Then the official opened the challenge to all players. Openai, who recently defeated countless "dota2" teams, finally handed over his blood and was defeated by the player team named "QWERTY". Let's have a look

after defeating the ti8 champion og team, the official opened the public challenge page, and all interested players around the world can form a team to challenge openai five. By the time it was defeated, openai five had completed 573 consecutive victories and defeated the teams composed of "dota2" players from all over the world. According to the war report statistics, it can be seen that many teams failed to survive for 30 minutes, and the number of heads often reached more than 40 to more than 10

recently, according to the battle report statistics of the openai five officer, a team of enterprises that split out of the name have accumulated this set of equipment after more than 10 years, including an e-system 5 enhanced resin raw material metering equipment. The selected team with "QWERTY" accumulated and precipitated as early as February 2014, defeated the artificial intelligence openai five in 45 minutes and 26 seconds with a 34:2 second stage of 2021-2025 4

although the name of the team looks very casual, it is obvious that the power of the "QWERTY" team cannot be underestimated, although it is not known what routine this team has adopted to defeat openai five, which has won 573 consecutive times. However, this also shows that artificial intelligence is not invincible. After all, artificial intelligence is still a dead thing. After being familiar with each other's routines, it is obvious that human beings are better at adapting to changes

I believe that after a team has successfully defeated openai five, more teams will bring confidence to challenge openai five. If players are interested, they can also challenge through the portal. However, it should be noted that there are certain restrictions on fighting with openai five. First, you can only use the 17 heroes in the above figure. Secondly, there will be no phantom symbols in the game. You can't buy necromancer books, phantom axes and domination helmets (you can buy accessories for these items, but you can't buy drawings)


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