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Hunan announced the spot check results of coating adhesives in the second quarter

Hunan announced and gradually weakened due to its impact. The spot check results of coating adhesives in the second quarter

August 24, 2004

on August 21, 2004, Hunan Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision announced to the public that in the second quarter of this year, Jixi was also awarded the title of "graphite city of China" by the all China Mining Federation. Provincial building materials products (coatings, adhesives, wires and cables, plastic pipes, decorative plates) Results of spot check of leather (leather shoes): a total of 553 batches of samples were spot checked, and 248 batches were qualified. The lead screw and nut were used as performing elements. 5. The relative error of repeatability of experimental force indication was ≤ 1%, and the average qualified rate was 45.6%

106 batches of samples of solvent based wood coatings, interior wall coatings, solvent based adhesives and water-based adhesives in interior decoration materials were included in this spot check, involving manufacturers in 12 provinces and cities such as Hunan, Guangdong and Shanghai. 74 batches of products passed the sampling inspection, with a pass rate of 69.8%. Among 106 samples, the sum of toluene and xylene exceeded the standard in 3, with the maximum exceeding 50%, free toluene diisocyanate exceeded the standard in 2, with the maximum exceeding 50%, and free toluene exceeded the standard in 3

according to guohaiyan, senior engineer and deputy director of Hunan Institute of quality supervision and inspection of manufactured goods, free toluene diisocyanate is toxic. In addition to entering the human body from the respiratory tract and digestive tract, the toxicity can also be absorbed by the human body through the skin, which has obvious irritation to the eyes and respiratory mucosa, and can cause allergic asthma and allergic dermatitis. High concentration inhalation can affect the liver and nervous system

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