The hottest Hukou wharf economy is in the ascendan

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Hukou wharf economy is in the ascendant, Jiangxi Lantian glass has the upper hand

Jiangxi Lantian glass products Co., Ltd. settled in Hukou because it is optimistic about the convenient land and water transportation of Jinshawan Industrial Park. Now, the independent wharf with an annual throughput of less than 1million tons can no longer meet the freight demand. The company recently invested 200million yuan to rebuild and expand the original wharf based on the old state-owned enterprises. After the completion of the terminal, in addition to ensuring its own transportation, it will also be operated externally, which can bring nearly 20million yuan of profits to the company every year. This is the premise for industrial enterprises in Hukou county to take advantage of the convenience of water transportation and an epitome of the development of dock economy

Hukou is located at the dividing point of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, which is a natural prerequisite for the construction of container terminals and the development of port economy. In recent years, the county has firmly grasped the industrial transfer trend in the developed coastal areas, promoted the advantages and became the potential, and built the Golden Sand Bay Industrial Park. After Jiujiang steel plant, PetroChina warehousing and other major projects were completed and put into operation one after another, the throughput of the wharf along the coast of the county surged, and will exceed 10million tons this year. The products entering and leaving the wharf will also be expanded from the original single molding sand to coal, ore, chemical industry, glass products, etc. In order to further enhance the vitality of the park, the county has invigorated and excavated the resources along the river in the park, and has invested hundreds of millions of yuan to improve the supporting basic measures such as the main roads of Jinshawan Industrial Park, the detection precision of water supply and drainage pipes is easy to go wrong, and the communication lines. With the steel mill dedicated wharf, Riverside Industrial wharf, dangerous chemicals wharf and cargo wharf and other functional wharves put into use one after another, the wharf economy of Jinshawan Industrial Park is increasing, and the large logistics format has taken shape

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the concept is very simple: we should unite enterprises, research universities, community universities, state, local and federal governments together. In 2020, with the outbreak of the global epidemic to the prevention and control of the domestic epidemic effectively controlled, the global economic pattern has also changed dramatically, China is pursuing [details]

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