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Hunan carbon composites enter the "golden age" and new materials enter civil use

on July 3, the "national high-performance fiber composite high-tech industrialization demonstration base" - the fifth anniversary celebration of the founding of Hunan Nanfang Boyun new material company of China National ordnance equipment group and the completion ceremony of the first phase project of Muyun plant were held in Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone Experiment at different speeds. Among them, the application of carbon carbon composites has also entered a new era

as a new hybrid material, carbon carbon composites are regarded as the most promising high temperature materials. As one of the first developed provinces, Hunan has opened up a civil precedent for carbon carbon composites, which are widely used in solar energy, high-speed railway, civil aviation and other fields, and have become a resonance in the industry. With six related patented technologies, liujunfeng, general manager of Hunan Nanfang Boyun company, said that new energy materials have been recognized by many, so that the plan to launch voluntary certification activities in 2013 will be realized in advance to 2012

Wen Shuxun, vice mayor of Changsha, believes that Hunan Province, as an inland province, with the Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan Urban Agglomeration becoming a national demonstration base for the construction of "two oriented society", in recent years, Hunan Province has strengthened the development and utilization of new energy, actively promoted the development of new industries, and made certain achievements. The carbon carbon replica equipment is made of double-layer stainless steel. The whole machine is composed of: experimental box, air source, steel ladder, emission purification system, ignition source. The composite material is an advanced new material for energy conservation and consumption reduction. It not only has low energy consumption and no pollution in the production process, but also greatly reduces the production cost, representing the development direction of new materials in the world today

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