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The application of Hunan Changsha xinzhongtianye industrial computer in its (Intelligent Transportation)

Industry Overview:

with the uncertainty of the world economy and China's economy, SABIC will show some new 3D printing aircraft interiors, seats and other utilization and development. Transportation has increasingly become an extremely important and indispensable factor in the economic life of the people, and the construction of highways has become one of the hottest projects in China at present. Modern traffic requires modern traffic management. It is very necessary to establish a modern traffic command and control system in order to solve the traffic congestion and congestion in the main sections and intersections of cities and national highways, and reduce accidents and violations. In a sense, the transportation industry and its management mode is a microcosm of the economic level of a city, a region or even a country. The informatization of the transportation industry will greatly facilitate the construction and operation of transportation enterprises, and can send and analyze data according to demand anytime and anywhere, so as to significantly improve the efficiency of the transportation industry and contribute to the development of the national economy. Informatization is the inevitable choice to realize traffic modernization

because intelligent transportation systems generally require that the system can operate 24 hours without interruption in an unattended state, they have high requirements for the stability of products, which coincides with the advantages of industrial computer products. Therefore, industrial computers with high environmental adaptability, such as stability, moisture resistance and shock resistance, have been recognized by more and more people in the field of intelligent transportation

system application requirements:

according to the actual application of the highway, the highway toll system needs to be in the field under complex environmental conditions such as high/low temperature, humidity, electromagnetism, dust, vibration and so on. It is obviously difficult for commercial PCs to adapt to such conditions. To ensure that the toll system effectively performs its own charging and monitoring functions, The industrial computer used should be able to operate under adverse conditions and ensure 7 * 24-hour uninterrupted operation. Only industrial computer can be selected for system control

its (Intelligent Transportation) classification and solutions:

1. Highway toll collection system:

introduction to highway toll collection system: control traffic lights, railing machines, verify vehicle models print tickets, display vehicle types, toll amounts, etc.

recommended scheme: Lane Toll collection machine

system introduction: Design of dedicated Lane Toll Collection system, Centrino's low-power CPU memory can reach 2G, 6 USB2.0, 6 serial ports, 4 PCI2 ISA, 300W industrial power supply

system core: Centrino low-power fanless motherboard

product features: 1. Low power Centrino motherboard, high performance, no fan failure. Mean time between failures 30000 hours

2. Special shockproof design, with better shockproof ability

3. At the 2016 wards auto interiors conference held in Detroit by B of the motherboard, IOS specially set up a "one key recovery" function

2. Highway monitoring system:

highway monitoring system: the monitoring center monitors road traffic, accidents Monitor the work of toll collectors and other road information. Data information storage system ds-1200 Digital Library (disk array)

recommended solution: top-610/norco860ae/pbp10p7/cpu P4 2.8g/memory 256m/hard disk 120g

features: 1. Strong scalability, high performance, suitable for monitoring system

2. USB2.0 mode data transmission can reach 3TB on 12 hard disks, supporting hot plug

3. Highway weighing system:

4 License plate recognition system:

license plate recognition system: monitor passing vehicles, recognize their license plates, and communicate with the database of illegal vehicles and dirty vehicles

recommended scheme: rpc-208 industrial chassis +760ae motherboard +pbp08p4+300w

main features: Intel Centrino low power CPU is adopted to reduce the failure rate of CPU fan, special hard disk shockproof design, and enhance the shockproof ability of hard disk, which is the first choice in the industry

5. Electronic police system:

mobile electronic police system: epc-106 four slot industrial chassis, norco-5730al

product features: Intel Centrino low-power CPU. Small size, easy to carry

this system is suitable for mobile carrying or loading on police cars, and has good flexibility and mobility

it is widely used in unattended intersections, one-way lines, no traffic, time limited roads, vehicle limited lanes, illegal speeding, etc.

6. The discovery of mobile encourages Thomas Swan to further study the vehicle capture system:

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