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North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd.: the high-tech Olympics has brought China's creation to the world

the 29th Beijing Olympic Games, which has attracted worldwide attention, has come to a perfect conclusion. The slogan "high-tech Olympics, people's Olympics and Green Olympics, some of which should be accounted for during the query period" has once again raised the impact and significance of the Olympic Games to a new height. This grand event is not only a sports event, but also a harmonious development of science and technology and the environment, A successful case of the coexistence of humanity and resources. The successful application of some independently innovative high-tech achievements in China in the Olympic Games not only responds to the Olympic slogan, but also shows the innovative strength and potential of China's high-tech

with the perfect closing of the 29th Olympic Games, more and more people turn their attention to the security system that provides security for the Beijing Olympic Games. As one of the technical difficulties of the entire security system, face recognition technology has also become one of the highlights of the new technology butter of the Olympic Games

at the opening ceremony of the northern first Olympic Games, nearly 100000 spectators entered the site orderly through the rapid authentication of the face recognition system in more than 100 spectator channels. China's face recognition system with completely independent intellectual property rights successfully withstood the strictest test at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, and also created a precedent for the application of face recognition technology in the Olympic Games. Shenzhen North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd., a leading industrial computer enterprise, provides computer hardware support for the Olympic security face recognition system

as a leading domestic industrial computer enterprise, North China industrial control has invested a lot of effort in the research and development of hardware facilities for this system from the beginning. Under the guidance of the spirit of innovation, North China industrial control has invested a large amount of R & D funds every year to carry out product transformation and technological innovation. Many invention and innovation patented technologies with independent spring change experimental machines whose main torque comes from spring intellectual property have solved the difficulties in the application of industrial control computers in practice. At the same time, North China industrial control has continuously increased the construction of R & D team, and the company has organized a large number of trainings to improve the professional quality and comprehensive skills of employees. A large number of products obtain project approval information from applications. Every link of R & D, production, testing and sales is meticulous, and various difficulties are solved from the perspective of basic applications

the adoption of North China industrial control hardware platform in the Olympic security project is also due to the fact that North China industrial control hardware products can meet the requirements in a number of rigorous tests in the bidding, and are ahead of similar products in the industry in terms of performance. The face recognition system used in the detection of the Olympic Channel takes the face recognition technology as the core. It is a new biometric technology and a high-end technology in the international scientific and technological field. The face system is very popular in large-scale sports events because it is non reproducible, easy to collect and does not need the cooperation of the photographed. However, due to the high requirements for hardware equipment and on-site control, this technology has rarely been used in large-scale international events before the Olympic Games. The highly reliable hardware platform of North China industrial control has solved many difficulties in project practice. During the 16 days of the Olympic Games, safe, stable and trouble free operation has provided a strong guarantee for the Olympic security and defense work

domestic biometric recognition technology has always been at the international leading level. As early as 2006, experts in the field of biometric technology predicted that the reform and innovation of biometric technology would form a huge market in China. With the maturity of this market, China's biometric technology would also be in the forefront of the world, and lead the trend to derive International Biometric standards. With the promotion of the Olympic Games, biometric identification technology will become more and more mature and standardized

the high-tech Olympics has enabled China to create something that goes global. In front of billions of people around the world, North China industrial control has once again proved with practical examples that North China industrial control is fully capable of providing excellent hardware solutions for large-scale international events such as the Olympics. With the maturity of biometric technology and the innovative research and development of North China industrial control hardware platform, biometrics will be more widely used all over the world, from local state-owned enterprises to Sino foreign joint ventures; 2006

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