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The "core" intelligent technology of North China industrial control has been upgraded to ensure the transformation of the diagnosis and treatment mode of clinical testing equipment. The 21st century is an era of rapid development of informatics. With the continuous deepening of biomedical research, people have an increasing demand for information related to health, sub-health and disease status, which has stimulated the rapid transfer of advanced analytical technologies and instruments to clinical laboratories, Relevant clinical testing instruments have also begun to enter the development path of automation, intelligence and miniaturization. CFRP accounts for 54.3% of the total aviation composite market


clinical testing instrument is a medical instrument integrating light, machine and electricity. It has many kinds of use and rich testing information. With the technological change of artificial intelligence and computer application, all kinds of clinical testing instruments began to be endowed with intelligent requirements such as automatic detection, automatic control, information analysis and control. The practical application value of intelligent clinical testing equipment in the expansion of medical testing projects and disease diagnosis and treatment began to highlight

clinical testing equipment plays an important role in medical monitoring and diagnosis. In order to meet the needs of modern medical treatment, the highly intelligent detection equipment is fully equipped with various high-tech technologies and has the following important characteristics:

1. Excellent data monitoring ability

many data information, such as detection time difference, room temperature difference change, concentration range of detected substances, different chemical components, etc., will be involved in the clinical detection process, Only intelligent testing instruments with excellent data monitoring and processing capabilities can analyze and extract accurate, professional and clinically valuable testing results

2. Strong anti-interference ability

the medical detection process is complex, involving the interaction and change of a series of optical detectors and biological substances. Under the condition of ensuring that the detected substances do not undergo other chemical changes, the detection instruments need to be free from the interference of pollution carried by the detected samples to avoid random errors

3. Stable graphics processing ability

blood cell analyzer is one of the common clinical testing equipment, which can measure the size and morphology of each cell. Only with stable graph processing ability can an accurate histogram be formed after data analysis, which can show the graph of cell population distribution, interpret the analysis results and ensure the reliability of the test results

the realization of the intelligent system of clinical testing equipment is the product of the rapid development of disk-shaped science and technology. It must be supported by a high-performance and powerful computer hardware system


as an important business module of North China industrial control in the field of intelligent medicine, the company has accumulated rich experience in embedded computer product development. In cooperation with upstream chipset platforms, various embedded computers 2 are products that accelerate the intelligent transformation and can be widely used in automatic biochemical analyzers, blood analyzers, automatic blood cell analyzers, urine analyzers, urine sediment analyzers and other equipment

based on the complexity of medical equipment structure and the particularity of application environment, the computer products developed by North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. not only have rich interfaces and strong expansibility, but also support the connection of a variety of testing equipment ports to meet the diversified testing project requirements of intelligent testing instruments; Support VGA + DP display and independent dual display to ensure the stable presentation of media graphics of intelligent detection instruments; Fast data input and output, providing users with various medical precision instruments, such as embedded computer products supporting high-speed operation function of steel strand

in addition, embedded computers of various x86 architectures and arm architectures of North China industrial control have standard industrial performance, which can ensure the stable operation of equipment in complex environments. In addition to being suitable for the medical testing industry, they can also provide multi-functional industrial computers for media playback, interactive clients, smart cities and many other fields

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