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North China industrial control ceremoniously launched the new generation of fanless structure embedded quasi system bis

North China industrial control ceremoniously launched the new generation of fanless structure embedded quasi system bis-6590, with a size of only 280mm 219.2mm 58.4mm. This embedded computer has stable performance, novel structure and low power consumption. The main board adopts Intel NM10 chipset, and the powerful Intel Atom n2800/d2500 processor is on board. It is provided with one SO-DIMM slot, and the maximum capacity of a single slot can reach 4GB. This embedded computer is widely used and can be used in intelligent transportation, information control, electronic police, multimedia broadcasting, digital signage, industrial automation and other fields

modular design, new second-generation ice fin structure

new generation ice fin embedded computer bis-6590 of North China industrial control The special motherboard architecture is adopted, and the chipset processor is located on the opposite side of the motherboard, which is conducive to the maintenance of the processor and reduce the power consumption of the motherboard. The chassis adopts a new profile heat dissipation structure and all aluminum structure design, which has stronger heat dissipation capacity than the old ice wings. The whole machine adopts more standard modular design, which can be well modified and upgraded. With a rotating hard disk structure, it is easy to disassemble and assemble. Both sides of the hard disk are equipped with shock-absorbing nails, which has good seismic resistance. It is a new low-power, mobile embedded computer

stable performance, rich i/o interfaces

the new generation ice fin embedded computer bis-6590 of North China industrial control adopts the new generation Intel Chipset and carries the new generation Intel processor (second generation) on board, with low power consumption and strong performance. 1X 2.5 bit hard disk, 1 VGA and 1 DVI display interface, supporting dual independent digital display, is an ideal choice for self-service server and other applications. There are 6 USB2.0 interfaces, 2 COM interfaces, 1 LAN interface, 1 audio interface, and rich i/o interfaces, which can well meet the needs of customers for interfaces

strong expansion ability and easy maintenance

the new generation ice fin embedded computer bis-6590 of North China industrial control not only supports WiFi and 3G network expansion, but also has 2x Mini PCIe interface and an on-board SIM card slot. It has strong expansion ability and can well meet the customer's expansion and upgrading ability. 1x Mini PCIe SSD, a network interface, The main board is easy to disassemble and assemble, and the heat conduction module has strong heat conduction ability. Compared with industrial computers of the same type and size, bis-6590 has absolute advantages in performance, function, expansion and upgrading, and cost performance

product features:

◆ based on Intel NM10 chipset, on-board Intel Atom n2800/d2550 processor

◆ new second-generation ice wing experimental force grading: no grading in the whole process is equivalent to 4 grades (the whole process resolution remains the same); Structure, support quick installation, easy to maintain and improve government service functions

◆ one SO-DIMM supports DDR3 1066MHz, and the maximum support is 4gb

◆ supports WiFi and 3G network expansion, and provides one on-board SIM card slot (optional)

◆ supports dvi/vga independent dual display

◆ rich I/o panel interfaces: 1x VGA/1x DVI/2x com/1x lan/1x audio

the new generation ice fin embedded computer bis-6590 of North China industrial control, It has been put into market application through strict testing. For more information about this product, please check with the industrial control officer of North China or contact the local sales personnel

about North China industrial control:

Shenzhen North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as North China industrial control) is a national high-tech enterprise integrating the R & D, production, sales and service of industry-specific computer products. The products include industrial CPU card, embedded industrial motherboard, industrial chassis, integrated workstation, industrial tablet computer (PPC), network security standard system, disk array, passive backplane, industrial power supply and industrial computer accessories

Huabei industrial control and norco series products, which are independent brands of Huabei industrial control, are widely used in many fields, such as industrial automation, communication equipment, power equipment, network security, intelligent transportation, video monitoring, medical care, military/aerospace equipment, self-service terminals, storage equipment, digital signs, on-board computers, 3C applications, etc

relying on strong R & D and technical strength, complete and flexible product manufacturing capacity, outstanding quality management and brand advantages, as well as nationwide marketing and technical service network, the company's market share is expanding year by year. North China industrial control is not only a member of Intel embedded and Communication Alliance (ECA) and an embedded partner of Microsoft, but also one of the embedded computer providers for the venue construction of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo

as one of the first batch of national high-tech enterprises, North China industrial control has a vision of becoming a leader in the field of special-purpose computers in the Chinese industry. Since its inception, it has been making every effort to develop the industrialization of special-purpose computers in the national industry. North China industrial control not only provides advanced technical solutions, high-quality products and perfect user services that would otherwise cause excessive or bad sensor accuracy deviation, but also strives to build the most reliable industry-specific computer products in China

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