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Wonderful review of North China industrial control 2012 Silicon Valley embedded system Expo

the largest embedded electronics and Industrial Computer Application Exhibition in North America will further improve its market competitiveness on March 29, and the exhibition will be successfully closed at McEnery Conference Center in San Jose, California. The exhibition lasts for four days. North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. launched a number of innovative products, including embedded quasi system series, embedded motherboard series, network security quasi system, integrated computer, etc. It has attracted the attention of many industry elites and internationally renowned media

a series of innovative products displayed by North China industrial control can be widely used in industrial automation, communication network, rail transit, digital signs, self-service terminals, on-board computers, video surveillance and other fields. To the greatest extent, it meets the personalized needs of customers,

among which the embedded quasi system series is highly favored. The North China industrial control embedded box computer adopts the fan free ice fin heat dissipation structure in China's plastic machinery enterprise market, which can reduce the processing time of tools due to earthquake resistance, and has good anti-interference performance. It can ensure the long-term stable operation of the system in harsh environments. It is compact and convenient to operate. Customers come to the exhibition site to inquire about it

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