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The intelligent transportation system of North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. participating in the 13th high tech Fair makes people's travel convenient and fast. The self-service terminals visible everywhere allow people to enjoy various services at any time. Advanced medical equipment provides a guarantee for people's health. Various intelligent monitoring systems guard our home all the time. Behind all this, there is a silent contribution of an enterprise, which is North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd.

North China industrial control is the abbreviation of Shenzhen North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of industry-specific computers. Xiaoyaqing introduced that it provides users with R & D and customized production of all kinds of special computer products with high reliability and high environmental adaptability and (2) making them better, stronger In addition to the above-mentioned cases of sheet metal damage in Jing'an, Yang industry is one of the leading enterprises in the domestic dedicated computer industry in terms of Yan Yuese communication and exchange services in the process of transportation

the industry-specific computer hardware products of North China industrial control mainly include:

embedded quasi system, industrial machine, tablet computer, disk array, embedded industrial motherboard, industrial chassis, other computer peripherals, etc

North China industrial control has always paid attention to environmental protection, innovation and application of the latest technologies. It actively responds to the key development direction of science and technology in China during the 12th Five Year Plan period. Its products are mainly used in new energy, energy conservation and emission reduction, disaster prevention and mitigation, public security and other aspects of people's livelihood, and focus on developing and applying to emerging industries and new trend products

the R & D team of North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. gathers a group of industry elites, with an average age of less than 35. With advanced professional technology, rich design experience and continuous pursuit of perfection, they have developed generation after generation of products with the world's latest computer technology achievements. One after another, firsts are born here: the world's first pluggable TV computer card, the first x86 architecture on-board computer to enter the vehicle front loading market in China, and the first Chinese Mainland embedded computer manufacturer to become an associate member of Intel EA alliance

North China industrial control began to pay attention to energy conservation and environmental protection in raw materials and production links, and invested a lot of money in upgrading equipment and processes, The enterprise has passed ISO14001:2004 environmental system certification

the scientific and technological products of North China industrial control mainly have the following characteristics:

fanless cooling design, energy saving, environmental protection and good stability

the product is compact in structure design, small in size and suitable for smaller space

it has a high degree of integration and realizes seamless integration with a variety of products

it has powerful functions, supports a variety of industrial interfaces, and can realize multi-channel display. Multi type display interfaces

the product has stable operation, wide temperature range, anti vibration, and can operate normally for a long time in a variety of complex environments

the protection grade of outdoor embedded products can reach IP68

the products and technical services of North China industrial control are always around people, in intelligent terminals, IOT Cloud computing, energy conservation, environmental protection and other hot markets have prominent applications

North China industrial control embedded industrial computer has been successfully used in AFC, PIs and other systems in the rail transit fields such as Wuhan Guangzhou high speed railway, Beijing Metro and Guangzhou Metro, providing guarantee for people's safe travel

North China industrial control embedded quasi system provides a high-performance solution platform for the flight display systems of Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, Chongqing airport, Guiyang Longdongbao airport, Urumqi airport, Kashgar airport, Shijiazhuang airport, Jiuzhai Huanglong Airport, Qingdao airport, etc

North China industrial control on-board computer motherboard is applied to the on-board computer of the red flag military parade car led by the central government in the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the national day, which is also the first Intel IVI system motherboard applied to the automobile front loading market in China

Huabei industrial control is also a computer hardware partner of many ATM, terminal query machine, lottery machine, POS machine and other manufacturers. People always enjoy the guarantee service of Huabei industrial control in withdrawal, consumption and tourism

at this high tech fair, North China industrial control will display innovative products of the latest technologies and dynamically demonstrate the crystallization of various new technological achievements. Let people feel the infinite charm of computer products in the industry

2 hall 2h46, North China industrial control looks forward to your presence

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