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The price of resin in North America soared. PP alone "dived"

although the end of the year is approaching, the price trend of resin Market in North America is unexpected. Under the rebound of commodity market and the current warming of spot goods, the price of resin varieties in North America market has risen sharply recently

many buyers in North America said that the prices of polyethylene and polystyrene have risen sharply since the beginning of November, while the transaction prices of PVC in the region have risen in October and November, and the prices of PET bottle resin have risen continuously in September and October

the only bulk commodity that has not been affected by the price rise is polypropylene, which has fallen by 2 cents per pound since October 1. At present, PP merchants have expressed their readiness to raise prices on December 1

pe Market:

pe market, high, low and linear low density polyethylene increased by 4 cents in November. Affected by the power failure caused by lightning strike of Texas Ineos group in November, the supply of ethylene raw materials was tightened. PE manufacturers should have expected a boom in price increase in October. However, due to the weakening demand of buyers, the market was in a downward trend. The continued narrowing of the contract increase in recent months means that the decline of the current round of market may be close to the end, so it is more likely that the market will gradually enter the sideways adjustment in the near future

a buyer from Texas said, "At present, the ethylene cost has been increasing steadily, steadily and steadily. However, this does not constitute the main incentive for the rise of ethylene price. PE enterprises are also struggling because the price should have risen this month every year. However, the trading atmosphere in local markets has warmed up a little. Only the quotations of traders in some regions have rebounded slightly, and the downstream market demand has not changed much, but the inquiry situation has increased The market transaction is still light

the total cost of adopting polyurethane waterproof coating is relatively high. At present, there is a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the downstream, the market turnover has not increased significantly, and the weak consolidation situation of price will still be maintained

"ethylene costs are rising, but I still don't think there is enough reason for this increase," said a buyer in Texas. "Sports makers" are just not happy that they did not get an increase in October. They usually return to this time of year when they deviate from [increase], "

mikeburns, an analyst from Texas resin technology company, said:" the rise in ethylene prices in November is undoubtedly a supplement to the overdue in October. Buyers who bought PE resin in October really "picked up a bargain". In November, due to the tightening of ethylene supply, Businesses are bound to raise prices to maintain profits. "

according to the statistics of the American Chemical Society, the PE market demand in North America has been growing steadily in the first nine months of 2010. The ex factory price of LLDPE increased by 6 cents, the ex factory price of LDPE increased by about 2 cents, and the price of LDPE was the same as that in 2009

the sharp decrease in exports of HDPE and LDPE did not have much impact on the growth of the domestic market, while the export growth of LLDPE was much slower than the domestic demand

currently, regional PE manufacturers are planning to increase PE prices by 5 cents on December 1 and 6 cents from January 1. The buyer felt that the merchant's behavior was not credible. One buyer said that the current PE inventory was at least 1million pounds. The increase in inventory made it difficult for the merchant to raise prices

burns, an analyst from Texas, refuted this statement. He said that the inventory in the market was insufficient and was not as optimistic as the buyer expected

ps Market:

due to the reduction of pure benzene inventory, the price of solid styrene rose by 5 cents in November. The price of pure benzene rose 35 cents to $3.42/gallon in November, an increase of 11% over the previous month. In December, the price of pure benzene is expected to drop by 4 US cents to $3.28, and it is unlikely to rise further

the price of polystyrene (PS) in the North American market increased by 2% in the first nine months of 2010, which was due to the increase in export volume, which increased by 30% in 2010. In some domestic high-end markets, the sales volume of PS used for food packaging increased by 60% in these nine months

pvc Market:

pvc prices rose by 5 cents in October and November. During this period, the growth rate of PVC has been hovering between 3 cents and 2 cents

nickvafiadis, an analyst from the American Chemical Society, said: "ethylene prices have been rising due to the impact of the cut-off film, leading PVC manufacturers to make price adjustments"

the demand for PVC in North America was severely hit in the first nine months of 2010 due to the imbalance between domestic demand and export demand. On the surface, the overall sales were running steadily, with an increase of 9%, but separately, the export sales increased by 80%, while the domestic demand fell by 8%

the domestic PVC market continued to suffer from the "pressure" from the construction market to obtain a series of important achievements after experiencing the severe impact of the financial crisis in 2009. Therefore, the domestic demand from pipeline and other construction fell by 19% in September

pet Market:

due to the tight market and the rising cost of raw materials, the export volume of PET bottle resin increased strongly. According to market buyers' estimates, prices will rise

lightweight bottle body - due to the reduction of PET materials used in bottled water and carbonated beverage bottles, the demand for PET resin is greatly affected. In addition, the acquisition of Eastman's pet business by dakamericasllc and the acquisition of NVIDIA's pet resin and fiber plants in spartanbu, South Carolina, and Queretaro, Mexico by indorama have subverted the American pet market

pp Market:

due to the weak market demand for propylene monomer raw materials in October and November, polypropylene (PP) is the only resin that has not been involved in the "price rise" at present, and the price fell by 2 cents in October and November. Polypropylene prices are not expected to change much within one year

the sales of polypropylene in the North American market increased by nearly 3% in September. Contrary to the PVC market, the export value of PP decreased by 50%, while the domestic demand increased by nearly 12%

the demand for injection molded bottle caps is the main source of growth in the domestic PP market, with a total increase of 20% in the past nine months. In addition, PP sales for the sheet market also increased by 18%

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