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The North China industrial control intelligent power operation and maintenance management platform uses computers to make power use management more efficient and secure

power is one of the core driving forces of modern social development. With the comprehensive development of China's economy and urban construction, the requirements of the user end for power supply reliability and security are increasing. Many power enterprises have begun to actively explore the level of power use management and should comprehensively improve it before demoulding, Power intelligent operation and maintenance system also came into being

1. Functional architecture of intelligent power operation and maintenance management platform

intelligent power operation and maintenance management platform is a system platform based on cloud computing, big data, computer and network technology, automation and intelligent management and control technology to provide professional services for operation monitoring, planning and design, maintenance and management of distribution facilities and power consumption facilities. With the help of this platform, the problems of the traditional power operation and maintenance system, such as high cost, slow response, and inability to support the huge power consumption big data of users and basic technical data of distribution, have been solved. Supporting the real-time and automation of power consumption monitoring can make the operation of the power system more stable and achieve the purpose of safe, economic and high-quality power consumption

North China industrial control learned that a perfect intelligent power operation and maintenance management platform is mainly composed of centralized control center, energy efficiency collection terminal, intelligent monitoring and communication equipment, mobile app, etc. It collects basic data of power equipment through sensors connected to each site, and uses communication equipment to transmit it to the centralized control center. The cloud processing center deeply excavates data value, and carries out big data analysis and processing, Comprehensively monitor the power consumption of the user end/substation end, establish an association with the mobile app, and also support real-time patrol inspection. In case of failure, it will immediately give an early warning and enter the intelligent functions such as the work order of the task to be processed in case of two-level amplification, so as to facilitate the timely maintenance of the operation and maintenance personnel

to sum up, the operation and maintenance service provider can comprehensively master the operation of users' electrical equipment by using the intelligent power operation and maintenance management platform to help users achieve real energy conservation and consumption reduction. The key factors to realize these technical functions are the efficient release of data potential and a professional and reliable computer hardware platform with good quality and performance

2. Special computer for North China industrial control cloud service platform. For the intelligent power industry, it has cooperated with Intel, NXP and domestic platforms such as Feiteng, megacore, Haiguang and megacore to launch a series of high-quality and high-performance computer hardware, which can provide computer hardware support for the operation and maintenance management platform with weak technological innovation ability in the intelligent power industry

based on the high requirements of the intelligent power operation and maintenance management platform for related hardware in terms of data acquisition and processing capacity, network communication, etc., North China industrial control can provide diversified computer board solutions that support Intel Celeron, Pentium and core series CPUs. Product onboard memory, supporting fast algorithm and fast storage; Multi serial port design, support lvds/hdmi/edp and other displays, support independent dual display, and support 5W audio power amplifier; Multi port design, supporting Gigabit Ethernet/wifi/3g/4g network, with flexible network application environment; It has rich extensions and supports multiple extensions such as PCIe card and acquisition card; Support android/linux and other operating systems, easy to use and easy to maintain

based on the technical requirements of the intelligent power operation and maintenance management platform for high stability, high security and other aspects of system operation, North China industrial control can provide an industrial complete machine scheme based on the domestic Feiteng ft 2000+ processor, which is specially designed for the industrial site. The product conforms to the eiars-310c standard and has strong independence and originality advantages; Udimm memory sockets are provided, and the content capacity is significantly increased; Rich functional interface design, which can meet the access requirements of a variety of peripherals; It has super expansion capability and supports multiple expansion of PCIe card, graphics card, acquisition card, acceleration card, etc; The high-quality carbon high-strength structural steel box structure and the shockproof design of the drive frame can effectively protect the drive and prolong the service life of the equipment

North China industrial control believes that an excellent computer hardware platform is a powerful guarantee for the safe and stable operation of the intelligent power operation and maintenance management system. Under the trend that the power operation and maintenance market seeks to be more flexible and continue to promote the service transformation to replace the work intelligence of imported products, a series of industrial computers with higher quality and performance of North China industrial control can serve as its key hardware support

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