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The embedded motherboard of North China Industrial Control Based on "Hisilicon" chip helped build Ping'an city

after the development of the past few years, in the process of the comprehensive promotion of Ping'an city and smart city plan, the application of NVR has gradually expanded, and more and more fields have begun to install NVR systems to strengthen the research on experimental machines, and their video monitoring networking process is very accurate. The traditional monitoring method requires a lot of wiring engineering, so many enterprises prefer to apply network video monitoring and NVR system

in the development trend of digitalization, networking, high-definition and intelligence of video monitoring system, the market demand of network video monitoring system is increasing day by day, and the total market share of high-definition IP cameras is increasing, which also promotes the increase of NVR market demand for supporting IP cameras. At present, NVR system protection equipment will not rust, and its application in several major industries such as Ping'an City, public security, finance, construction community, transportation, medical treatment, etc. has gradually borne fruit. The development of network video monitoring has driven the deployment of NVR system in the above fields

nvr monitoring system plays a more and more important role in the construction of a safe city.

nvr system marks the arrival of UV detection technology used to strengthen quality control in the era of full networking of security monitoring market. Its promotion and implementation need high-performance computer hardware system to support and ensure its stable and efficient operation. North China industrial control closely follows the market trend. With its strong R & D and production capacity, it has recently launched a number of network security industry products based on domestic chips, comprehensively helping the vigorous development of NVR systems in the security market. Among them, NVR motherboard somb-6540a based on Hisilicon hi3536 arm architecture is the latest masterpiece, which has excellent industrial performance advantages and strong function expansion ability, The product mainly has the following highlights:

North China industrial control products are used in NVR system

1 Based on Hisilicon hi3536 chip, it adopts quad core cortex-a17+ single core cortex-a7

processor. The use of domestic chip is of great significance in today's uncertain world trade war. The product has excellent performance, can run stably for a long time and low power consumption

2. Tongtai has developed a wealth of external interfaces for a long time. It provides function expansion for som-6540 through 314pin mxm3.0 golden finger. The product has strong compatibility and adaptability to the application environment

3. It has a variety of internal and external data input and output forms, which is conducive to the efficient input and output of information

4. It has strong industrial performance, strong resistance to harsh external environment, and can operate efficiently and stably

5. The size of the main board is only 218mmx133mm. The board is compact, which can highly save product space, and the product function is highly integrated

based on Hisilicon hi3536 arm architecture, North China industrial control NVR motherboard

based on network construction and quality improvement, NVR products will also be applied in a broader market. The demand of Ping An City Project for high-quality and performance mass video monitoring storage makes NVR solution the preferred solution for emerging Ping An projects at present. North China industrial control will continue to be the promoter of the localization process and help build a safe city with products. For more product information, please pay attention to North China Industrial Control Officer:

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