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North China industrial control: intelligent hospital energy-saving management system based on intelligent industrial control hardware

the hospital is one of the largest public buildings in China. It continues to grow with the elegant appearance and the improvement of social economic level and scientific and technological level. However, there have always been problems such as high energy consumption and backward management mode. Building intelligent and energy-saving hospitals has become an inevitable trend of modern hospital construction

01. Market prospect of smart hospital energy saving management system

with the rapid development of information technology, hospital construction in China has also undergone great changes. Especially in terms of energy management, the establishment of an energy-saving management system based on computer software and hardware replaces the traditional manual inspection method, centralizes the hospital energy consumption equipment on an information platform for supervision, and realizes the data collection, data storage, data processing and analysis of energy consumption equipment by installing energy consumption metering devices, data acquisition devices, network communication devices, etc Intelligent functions such as equipment operation status monitoring, fault self diagnosis and pretreatment can effectively improve the energy utilization efficiency and energy-saving management level of the hospital

at present, building a smart hospital energy-saving management system has become the top priority of smart hospital construction. In the design of the latest smart hospital energy-saving management system, the intelligent IOT architecture, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies are adopted to collect the energy consumption data of hospital energy consumption equipment in real time through collectors, controllers and other devices, and upload the data information to the computer centralized control system and other five components for analysis and processing, so as to realize the interconnection of energy consumption equipment, cloud and local control center, Remote control and operation and maintenance. Combined with multimedia display system, automatic control system, etc., the smart hospital energy conservation management platform also supports rich data analysis and display, which can automatically generate energy consumption data reports, set energy consumption early warning values, and automatically alarm equipment in case of failure, greatly improving the intelligent and information level of hospital energy management

North China industrial control believes that energy saving management is an important support for the operation of hospital information system and an important link in the construction of smart hospitals. In order to ensure the effective application of intelligent functions of the intelligent hospital energy-saving management system, professional, reliable and excellent intelligent industrial control hardware is essential

02. Intelligent industrial control hardware scheme of North China industrial control

North China industrial control is a leading enterprise in the industry. It has focused on the construction of smart hospitals for many years and has built two mature computer product supply chains: x86 architecture and arm architecture, which can provide high-quality and high-performance computer boards, industrial machines, embedded quasi systems Industrial tablet computers and other computer hardware are specially used in the energy-saving management system of smart hospitals. The main technical features of the product are as follows: 3. Metal hardness test:

● support Intel Celeron, Pentium and core series CPUs, and support the series CPUs of Ruixin micro, en thermal expansion rate, swell chipset and Freescale, support sodimm/udimm memory of different capacities and brands, and support fast algorithm and fast storage

● designed in strict accordance with industrial standards, with low power consumption and high reliability, supporting 7*24-hour uninterrupted and efficient operation

● multi port design, with flexible network application environment, supporting the interconnection between hospital energy equipment and cloud

● multi serial port design, support asynchronous synchronous multi display function, support PCIe card, graphics card, accelerator card, acquisition card and other extensions, and meet the intelligent function design of intelligent hospital energy saving management system

it supports windows, Linux and other operating systems, which is easy to operate and maintain

at present, the construction of smart hospitals has become an important project vigorously advocated by the Chinese government and society. Grasping the wind vane of the development of the times, North China industrial control actively introduces advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and IOT, which can provide highly flexible and customized products and services for customers in different industries and fields in the construction of smart hospitals

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