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North China industrial control integrated workstation adapts to the ever-changing environment with standard functions

the guide to this issue integrates all kinds of hardware equipment into one, making it capable of multi task processing, so as to better combine the advantages of traditional chassis and workstation and serve the application environment. With excellent industrial performance, integrated design of technology and high functional integration, it can be widely used in communication and hydraulic universal testing machines. It mainly uses high-pressure hydraulic source as power source, transportation, multimedia, detection equipment, control terminal, IOT and other industries

the integrated performance of the integrated workstation enables it to have a strong ability to adapt to the environment. In industries with high demands for performance, it can release performance in multiple scenarios and participate in the construction of functional platforms by virtue of its excellent performance in various parameters

for different industry demands, North China industrial control, as a supplier with more than 20 years of experience in industrial computer product development, has developed an integrated workstation that has been recognized by the market by virtue of its high-quality performance in a number of performance parameters

● good adaptability to the application environment, strong ability to expand external interfaces, support multiple drive racks, configure and develop various interfaces according to customer needs, and provide a variety of display schemes, keyboard, mouse, and other control methods, so as to better meet the compatibility and performance demands of customers

● build a powerful CPU, high-resolution LCD display, run a reliable and stable operating system with corresponding functions, adapt to a high-strength environment, and have the ability to resist magnetism, impact and earthquake

● configure high-performance industrial power supply with its own fan, provide more reasonable and good expansion space for heat dissipation, and adopt plug-in cooling fan to strengthen the stability of the product scheme; There is a gripping structure between the partition strip and the metal parts

● the first thing that provides performance higher than ordinary PCs is the guarantee scheme for after-sales service in the later stage. Be able to stack and maximize various complex data processing capabilities in different fields, and improve the ability of application scenarios to acquire, analyze and present data and information

● configure touch tablet computers with high resolution and high user friendliness in the new standard system, providing high-performance image user interface and efficient information interaction with the outside world

● relying on the company's strong customized development capability of product schemes, North China industrial control can customize and develop various integrated workstation schemes according to customer needs, configure various interfaces and performance according to customer requirements, and customize various appearance structures, so as to better realize seamless connection with customer needs

there are more technical demands and performance demands in the market, which require the integrated workstation supplier to have a stronger scheme building ability to support them and match the market demands. When the demand market puts forward higher demands for performance, data processing capacity and scheme operation efficiency, the integrated workstation will release more market space

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