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Now many families have only one child, and parents care more and more about him. Since he came to the world, he hopes to give the best to him. Children's room is one of the most important roles in accompanying children's growth, so when decorating children's room, whether it is design or material selection, we should focus on children's health and growth speed. So how to install a healthy and environmentally friendly children's room? The following is the environmental protection method of children's room decoration shared by the editor of Wuhan home decoration network. Get ready for your children as soon as possible

environmental protection method 1 for children's room decoration: lay cork floors on the ground

young children walk unsteadily, and there are many cases of falling injury at home. There is a case of a friend whose house is paved with solid wood floors. He just waxed once and didn't look after his son. His son, who was just able to walk, slipped and fell heavily. As a result, his wrist was broken and the whole family was very sad

environmental protection method 2 for children's room decoration: professional children's paint is used as the coating

1) the content of harmful heavy metals in children's paint is extremely low; 2) All of them are prepared with clean water, which cuts off the toxic path of benzene chemical solvents to children from the root; 3) Volatile organic compounds (VOC) content of latex paint for children < 1 g/L, almost close to zero, internationally used to be called "zero VOC". Baoshilong nano children's paint does this. It is absolutely forbidden to use ordinary coatings. You should know that the VOC content of the national standard is 100 g/L. most of such standard coatings have an impact on children. 4) It is specially designed for children, so the colors available for children's paint are very rich, which can fully meet the demands of children's growth stage for color, and give children a colorful and pleasing growth space. 5) With easy scrubbing function, it can give children full imagination to paint. Baoshilong children's paint can be washed and brushed for 30000 times

environmental protection method 3 for children's room decoration: furniture is suggested to be composed of modules

integrating games and enlightening intelligence. Different modules can be combined into geometric figures or children's furniture with different expressions. Of course, the first question that should be considered is whether the furniture is environmentally friendly - whether formaldehyde and heavy metals exceed the standard. Objectively speaking, what is displayed in the store and has no taste, but the actual goods delivered to consumers' homes may not think that only board furniture has formaldehyde. Even solid wood furniture will also have formaldehyde because of the use of adhesives

at present, the common problem of children's furniture is still that formaldehyde exceeds the standard, and the superposition phenomenon is particularly common. Looking at building materials or furniture alone, there is no problem, but placing it in a relatively small space will produce a superposition effect, resulting in harmful substances exceeding the standard. And children's furniture should pay attention to all edges and corners should be rounded, even if the baby accidentally bumps or lifts his feet, there is no problem

environmental protection method 4 for children's room decoration: the lighting should pay attention to the overall illumination

local lighting at desks, bedside and other places requires lamps to have sufficient light, uniform and soft. In addition, it is best to install a low wattage night light when decorating the children's room, so that he (she) will not feel afraid when alone at night. Don't forget to add safety covers to power sockets and switches, and protective devices to electrical appliances, so that your baby won't directly touch bulbs, heaters, etc. Do not use floor lamps, floor fans, etc. to prevent the baby from tripping and electric shock accidents




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