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Today, I'd like to introduce Shuangyu Mumen Gongyi store to you. What's the uniqueness of this new business that has become famous locally after joining Shuangyu for only half a year

under the market environment of the new normal and new situation, a number of "new merchants" have emerged in Shuangyu system, who have opened a new market situation with new marketing ideas, new operation methods and new service concepts

Shuang Yu Mu men Gongyi store

the way to start a business is to choose

"choice is greater than effort, and ideas determine the way out. In many cases, choice is indeed more important than effort." Tian Lichao, head of the store, said. At the beginning of entering the industry, because I didn't understand the current situation of the industry, I acted as an agent for the wooden door brand of local small manufacturers. After operating for a period of time, not only did I not get good sales, but all kinds of after-sales problems emerged one after another! This event made president Tian realize that we must change our choices

store head Tian Lichao

knew Shuangyu in 2018. At the beginning of this year, Shuangyu officially joined Shuangyu and was put into operation. With the influence of Shuangyu brand itself, dealer operation activities can often achieve twice the result with half the effort! In just half a year, President Tian has created a good brand image in Gongyi market, established a good reputation through good customer service, and seized the commanding height of wooden door business in the local market

wooden door + light package two product systems

the way to success lies in the implementation

"it is never your eloquence that determines the road to success, but your executive power to do what you say. Without executive power, everything is zero. The same is true of store management!"

with the same brand and the same business model, the market effect is very different. In the final analysis, it lies in the gap in execution. Shuang Yu Mu men Gongyi store has a young team, a continuous spirit of innovation, and the executive power of doing what it says and doing what it orders and forbids. It can firmly do its best for any small detail. It is precisely because of this executive power that Shuang Yu Mu men Gongyi store received unanimous trust and praise from customers at the beginning of its opening

the real executive power is not an impulsive decision, but strong action and long-term persistence. With excellent executive power and consistent and long-term persistence, Shuangyu Mumen Gongyi store has set a unique benchmark in the local market and become a model for new dealers in the Shuangyu system to learn from

active learning and persistence

active change and innovative learning are always the key to enrich yourself and master the trend of the industry. The farther you persevere and go, the more you benefit. On the basis of previous business experience, shuangyumumen Gongyi store has turned its attention to Shuangyu's old dealers, actively walked around, humbly consulted about business problems, reflected on itself in learning, increased experience in learning, and practiced business in learning, and accumulated a set of excellent business "secrets"

in addition, Tian Lichao, the head of shuangyumumen Gongyi store, has also cooperated with the surrounding Shuangyu stores to carry out regional cooperation, Respond to customer needs as quickly as possible with the principle of nearby service. At the same time, the linkage and cooperation between regions have formed a brand synergy, which has greatly enhanced the brand popularity of double feather wooden doors in the local region

service improvement remains unchanged

value for money is the highest embodiment of service, so how to achieve value for money? Mr. Tian believes that it is not only the comparison of price and quality, but also the comparison of emotion and service details. It is the emotional value provided by the store and some minor actions that constitute the service image of the store in the eyes of customers. Shuangyumumen Gongyi store takes customers as the center, improves service awareness, improves service ability, strengthens management, improves service efficiency, subdivides customers, improves service level, and strives to continuously create value for customers

shuangyumumen Gongyi store, adhering to the principle of detailed service, is perfect in all aspects of product introduction, purchase, collocation, installation and maintenance. The waste after installation is taken away in time, cleaned well, and put oneself in the interests of customers. It is such a meticulous service level and professional industry experience that make the store gain high praise in just half a year and become a real market leader

Shuang Yu Mu men Gongyi team

do not forget the original intention to promote development and forge ahead on a new journey. Shuang Yu Mu men Gongyi store, I believe that under the leadership of the head of the store, Mr. Tian, will create another brilliance, condense Shuang Yu energy and create a new business benchmark




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