Matching knowledge of seamless wall cloth

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Matching knowledge of seamless wallcovering

matching knowledge of seamless wallcovering

1. Those facing east are the first to get sunlight and leave the room early, so it is often the safest to use light warm tone seamless wallcovering. If the color is too thick, it will make people feel very dazzling. The room facing south has the longest sunshine time. Using cold color often makes people feel more comfortable and the effect of the room is more charming

2. Due to the influence of the strongest sunset in the day, the room facing west likes to use deep cool colors, which seems more comfortable. The room facing north has no direct sunlight, so you should prefer the warm tone seamless wall cloth when choosing the color, and the chromaticity is lighter. In general, the color of seamless wall cloth does not need to be too thick

3. You can use black and white to match with the TV wall. For example, the wall is more white, and then match it with black furniture. It looks high-grade. There should not be too many colors. Generally, there should be no more than three kinds. If you can accept the contrast, you can use the complementary color yellow, which depends on your preference

4. Some wall cloths with good sound absorption and sound insulation performance are more suitable for paving in the study that needs quiet. The study is a space for people to calm their thoughts and stimulate creative inspiration, so it is more suitable to pave cold colors, and the seamless wall cloth with simple patterns and soothing lines can avoid glare on the one hand, and can also play a silent effect on the other hand





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