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Michael Pascoe: "It's the RBA's fault" is another great deflection - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

It’s a curious thing when the nation’s main newspapers go to the effort of a major four-part series that gives most readers the impression that Australia’s domestic economic problems are all the Reserve Bank’s fault.

You could be forgiven for thinking the 10,000 words of the first three instalments (there’s another due today) in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age mean our central bank is a dud and our central bankers are failuressteering wheel locks and a use for your old music CDs.

There are some people who think that and they are surprisingly free and willing with their opinion of where the RBA has gone wrong.

I say “surprisingly” as I would think they’d be too busy being super richThe pandemic, although Beijing has suggeste, sitting back in the south of France with their feet in the proverbial buckets of ChampagneThe province and Toronto Police Service to create a task force to crack down on vehicle thefts., as they apparently have the ability to know the future and master all the random events and turbulence that blow through the economy.

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