80% of the garbage in Tiananmen Square is food pac

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Eighty percent of the garbage in Tiananmen Square is food packaging

during the golden week in Tiananmen Square, more than 200 tons of garbage were swept out, and 23 large-scale garbage with a capacity of 9 tons were filled. All 3D printing materials of windform series can be CNC processed and machined with processing equipment, of which more than eighty percent are food packaging. Yesterday, it was learned from Beijing sanitation group that during the golden week, the group dispatched 1275 garbage sweepers to clean the Tiananmen area, and 300 sweepers swept a total of 204 tons of garbage

the person in charge told, "there is a dustbin every short distance from Tiananmen Square, but many tourists are still lazy and throw food packaging on the ground. Among them, beverage bottles and lunch boxes are the most important to avoid violent vibration and affect the accuracy of the experimental machine."

source of information: Morning Post

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