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Dulux was exposed that the problem products are still in sales, and the headquarters has not been taken off the shelf notice

Dulux was exposed that the problem products are still in sales, and the headquarters has not been taken off the shelf notice

April 9, 2012

[China paint information] Dulux and many other well-known paint brands have recently fallen into a whirlpool of public opinion. On March 14, the Administration for Industry and Commerce of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region announced the quality monitoring announcement of paints, coatings and adhesives in the circulation field, and it was revealed that paint and coating brands such as Dulux and garberry failed the sampling inspection

duluxpro has always been regarded as the representative of high quality in the paint industry. This time, many consumers were shocked by its involvement in the quality gate. In the interview, new finance found that duluxpro's products exposed to problems are still on sale

■ the headquarters has not been removed from the shelves.

the announcement issued by the official station of the Administration for Industry and Commerce of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region shows that the Dulux brand clean and easy white emulsion paint with a specification and model of 16l/barrel produced by AkzoNobel Swire paint Co., Ltd. on June 20, 2011 does not meet the relevant standards, and the unqualified item is washability

this quality inspection announcement explains the unqualified items, and the washability is an important indicator to measure the quality of paint. The higher the washing and brushing times, the more base materials contained in the coating, and the better the physical properties of the coating. The washability of the coating should be moderate. If it is too low, it is easy to damage the coating film, and if it is too high, it will lead to the rise of coating cost and increase the economic burden of consumers

there are media reports that it has conventional electrical protection, such as overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit, overheating, grounding, leakage, etc. Zhang Yongqiang, director of the consumer rights and interests protection department of the Administration for Industry and Commerce of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, once the sampling results are confirmed to be moderate, the merchants will be ordered to remove all problematic products from the shelves. As for Dulux, the relevant person from Shanghai headquarters declined the interview on the grounds of "the senior leaders are not present", and there was no relevant statement on the official website about the unqualified product quality inspection

on April 6, new finance contacted the official customer service of Dulux (China). The customer service staff said that the company was currently investigating the matter and had not reached a result. Dulux brand Jieyi white emulsion paint was still available in various regions

then, new finance contacted Dulux Tianjin Office. According to the staff, Dulux brand Jieyi white emulsion paint is still on sale in Tianjin. The staff member said that he had not paid attention to the problem product incident of Dulux before, was not clear about the matter, and had not received any response from Dulux headquarters in Shanghai

on April 7, Ms. Chen, the public relations department of duluxpro (China) at levels B, C, D, e and F, told new finance that duluxpro had sent the problematic products involved to the authoritative department of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine for review, and the results were expected to be released around the 12th of this month. At that time, the company may hold a press conference to announce to the public

■ small market share

in people's minds, Dulux represents the highest quality of the coating industry. According to the data, Dulux is a well-known coating brand under AkzoNobel, one of the world's top 500 companies. It claims to be used in more than 50million households around the world. If the sold product packaging cans are stacked with chromium oxide grinding paste, its height will be more than 10000 times that of Mount Everest. In China, "bird's nest", "Water Cube", "tangpinyichen" and other well-known construction projects have used Dulux paint. According to Chinese brands, Dulux has been selected as one of the "top ten Chinese paint brands" for many years in a row

Dulux Tianjin office staff told new finance that the exposed problem product Dulux brand Jieyi white emulsion paint is relatively low-end among Dulux's many varieties, and belongs to non mainstream products in terms of market share

new finance learned from a decorative materials hardware store in Shenzhen that Dulux brand Jieyi white emulsion paint is a relatively low-end coating, which is called engineering paint in the industry. From the previous sales situation, it can only account for a few tenths of a percentage

a Dulux agent told new finance that he had not heard about Dulux's problematic products, but he was not selling Dulux's Jieyi white emulsion paint because Dulux had many products and the sales of this paint was not good, so it was unnecessary to sell it

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