90% of the hottest food packaging bags are qualifi

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90% of the food packaging bags are qualified

the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China released the quality inspection results of food preservative films and food packaging bags on the 14th, showing that the qualified rate of the physical quality of the products is 9. The operating environment of the concrete pressure testing machine is 3.3%. The quality of three products of two enterprises is poor. Experts specially remind that when using plastic bags to package cooked food, snacks and other direct edible food, it is best not to use colored plastic bags, because many of these plastic bags are reprocessed from recycled waste plastic products, and food cannot be loaded directly

experts remind consumers that when purchasing and using food insurance, they can make some financing arrangements. When fresh films and packaging bags are used, they should pay attention to the material of product labels. Polyethylene film (PE film) is now widely used in food packaging; Polypropylene film (PP film) has high transparency, which is mainly used for the packaging of bread, small food, etc; Vinyl chloride film (PVC film) can also be used for the packaging of perishable foods such as vegetables and fruits, but it can not be used for the packaging of fatty foods, nor can it be used for heating in microwave ovens. In addition, when heating food in a microwave oven, you should choose a special packaging container with a microwave oven. Cold storage and cooling in the refrigerator (2) the overall economic benefits have improved. 60 ~ 100hrf fresh-keeping film should be used for frozen food instead of ordinary plastic bags

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