The hottest Dulux primary school opened a factory

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Dulux primary school "opened factory" and filled with fake paint

Dulux small plastic building materials are the fourth new type of basic materials after steel, wood and cement. The "opened factory" and filled with fake paint in the school

June 6, 2013

[China paint information] People's Beijing, June 6 - although objectively easy to cause errors, International Children's Day has just passed, but children have always been our favorite angels. There is such a small school, whose walls are covered with naive cartoon cartoons, with a wide and tidy playground and shade trees. However, it is inconceivable that such a primary school campus has become a "fake factory" painted by Dulux

Dulux made a fake "factory" and actually used the primary school campus to "package" itself, which can be described as "building a plank road in the open and living in the dark". In this way, I don't know how many barrels of fake Dulux paint flow out of here

on a Sunday, arranged by the local Dulux dealer, I came to a primary school in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. Like ordinary campus, this primary school has returned to its former tranquility because of the weekend holiday. However, the scene of Dulux "real barrels filled with fake paint" staged here later makes it difficult for people to imagine that this is a primary school campus

duluxpro dealers have taken primary school campuses as the dens for making and selling fake goods, which seems to have reached an extreme. However, not only consumers but also innocent pupils with red scarves were hurt by Dulux fake paint this time

it is inconceivable that a happy and quiet primary school campus has become a fraud dens of Dulux paint. Originally a pure land for children, it has become a place for counterfeiters to hide dirt

from primary school principals in Hainan to duluxi's opening of fake dens into primary school campuses, it is obvious that children's healthy and happy growth space has been eroded. Just think, how can the children here be happy when hiding in Dulux's fake dens and formaldehyde filled campus? Should the relevant departments take action in time to clean up such dens for automatic uniform cooling and constant temperature counterfeiting of samples, and severely punish enterprises and individuals for counterfeiting

I hope this farce can end as soon as possible, and children can thrive in a quiet campus

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