The hottest Dunlop flat tire is newly launched sps

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Dunlop's flat tire is newly launched SP sport Maxx 050+ runflat

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Dunlop's flat tire is newly launched SP sport Maxx 050+ runflat

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when driving, the performance of tires is very important for driving safety. In addition to dealing with various complex road conditions, we should also fully consider the unknown risks on the road. When the tire is punctured or the pressure is zero, the value of the flat tire is highlighted. It can rely on the hard tire wall to make the vehicle travel a certain distance at a certain speed. The valuable safe endurance time can ensure that the vehicle can arrive at the maintenance station smoothly and improve safety. At the same time, because there is no need for a spare tire, the lightweight of the vehicle also realizes the saving of resources and the improvement of fuel economy. It is precisely because of its many advantages that some automobile manufacturers equip their vehicles with flat tires when they leave the factory

recently, Dunlop SP sport Maxx 050+ gas shortage specification (hereinafter referred to as Maxx 050+ runfat) was newly launched, bringing worry free travel protection to more car owners

safe endurance helps car owners travel without worry

in line with the concept of safe driving, Dunlop has been committed to the innovative research of flat tires. As early as 1970, Dunlop realized the practicality of flat tire, and its technical ability was recognized; In 2009, the fourth generation of flat tire came out, and the first "thermal control technology" won the "tire technology of the year" award at the 2010 Tire Technology Expo, further laying the leading position of Dunlop in this field

the newly launched Maxx 050+ runfat, based on "thermal energy control technology", has achieved safe endurance in the state of tire deflation. The tire adopts high-strength skeleton material, which can effectively reduce the deformation of the tire body after the tire burst and control the heat generation of the sidewall reinforcement layer; The exclusive CTT technology uses the involute tire shape, improves the air shortage maintenance performance through the design of the sidewall reinforcement layer, and improves other general performance through the design of the circular tire face, further realizing lightweight and improving the driving comfort at the same time

sp sport Maxx 050 + runflat carcass structure

this time, the Dunlop Maxx 050 + runflat are all original imported products from Japan. A total of 11 specifications will be launched in succession, which are suitable for BMW, Mercedes Benz and other original models with flat tires, providing comprehensive protection for vehicle owners' driving safety

stable control and enjoy the supreme driving experience

as an innovative product with high-end positioning, this paper analyzes the matching problem of the fuselage vibration alarm circuit of the reciprocating unit. Maxx 050 + runflat can not only ensure the safety in case of tire burst, but also have excellent high-speed control performance and wetland performance

the tire adopts high-rigid annular belt and belt layer, which can effectively restrain the tread deformation during high-speed driving. At the same time, the asymmetric tread design of the outer large groove can reasonably optimize the rigid distribution of the tread block, which is not easy to slip when turning, and brings high-quality high-speed control. The stable screen display is achieved qualitatively through the control software

thanks to the 4D innovative nanoscale design, Maxx 050+ runfat adds the filling amount of silicon dioxide in the tire formula, which fits the road more tightly during driving, so that the vehicle can obtain better braking performance in the face of wet and slippery road conditions. In addition, the main groove volume of the tire pattern is larger, which realizes excellent drainage performance and further improves the safety attribute

"rubber technology, innovative tires" is the core concept of Dunlop leading the industrial technological innovation. The launch of Maxx 050+ runflat flat flat tire is full of the profound accumulation of Dunlop's decades of research and development practice, and also highlights Dunlop's continuous pursuit of driving safety. 2018 is the 130th anniversary of the founding of Dunlop brand. Dunlop will uphold the brand spirit of "moving forward, non-stop", focus on industry development with an attitude of innovation and change, and contribute more to high-quality travel

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