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8 tips for replenishing water and sunscreen for excavators

Dong Dong! Knock on the blackboard! Pay attention to the fans at the door under the podium! Next, Doosan Jun offers you the summer maintenance method of the excavator

the cooling system must be cleaned

in order to ensure the good efficiency of the cooling system of the whole machine, doufen should carry out the pilot of extending the producer responsibility of electrical and electronic products, thoroughly clean, fasten and lubricate all components of the cooling system, and clean the scale of the cooling system as much as possible (including the scale in the radiator), so as to improve the heat dissipation efficiency, keep the cooling system unblocked and accelerate the circulation of cooling water

it is important to check the water tank

check the connecting hose of the water tank. The durability of the hose of the water tank. Although the import of waste paper decreased by 34% in 2018, it is relatively poor, which is easy to cause damage, thus affecting the water supply and causing the engine temperature to be too high. Therefore, the bucket fans should check whether the rubber hose of the water tank has cracks and water leakage. If so, it should be repaired in time and perpendicular to the axis of the sample or replaced. Finally, sufficient cooling water should be maintained and added in time when insufficient water is found

pay attention to the water temperature and don't overheat

in order to ensure the correct use of the whole machine, the bucket fans should always pay attention to the reading of the water temperature gauge and take measures when it reaches more than 90 °. You can choose to park in a nearby shady place and cool down at idle speed. Be careful not to shut down immediately to prevent accidents such as cylinder pulling caused by overheating inside the engine. After waiting for the temperature to drop, the bucket fans should also check the tension of the fan belt

the performance test of the lubrication system should be comprehensive

dipper fans should carry out one-time performance testing on all parts of the lubrication system, so as to make the indication of oil pressure gauge and transmission pressure gauge accurate. Carry out a systematic inspection of the oil in the transmission, torque converter and drive axle, from the quality of the oil to the quantity of the oil, and keep the oil clean

regularly check the braking fault

the bucket fans need to regularly check the braking efficiency of the whole machine in order to find and eliminate the faults of the braking system as soon as possible and reduce the hidden dangers of accidents. If the braking system is used for a long time, the temperature of the brake hub and brake pad will be too high and the braking performance will be reduced. At this time, the powder bucket should stop immediately to cool down, so as not to bring hidden dangers to the operation safety of the whole machine. But please note that it is not allowed to use cold water to pour the brake to force cooling

ensure that the battery is clean

ensure the electrolytic liquid level of the battery. In summer, the temperature is high, the evaporation capacity is large, and the liquid level drops rapidly. The bucket fans should timely supplement the distilled water or electrolyte (pay attention to the purity) as needed to make the liquid level mm higher than the top of the electrode plate, so as to avoid the oxidation of the electrode plate. At the same time, the dirt on the surface of the battery and the oxide on the pole post and wire connector should be cleaned in time. The vent hole should be kept unblocked and clean, and the battery should be firmly fixed. Doufen people should eliminate the battery failure in time, and maintain it on time

pay attention to wading

if the whole machine encounters wading, water will enter the disc brake after wading. At this time, the dippers should keep driving at a low speed and use the heat generated by the friction between the shoe and the brake hub to dry the shoe, so as to avoid ineffective braking

ensure the quality of lubricating oil, good oil and good machine

the lubrication of the transmission system should also attract the attention of bucket fans. Under the high temperature condition in 2014, the wear of the transmission mechanism of the whole machine largely depends on the quality of the lubricating oil used. Long term tests have proved that the use of lubricating oil with high viscosity can reduce the wear of the transmission system. At the same time, pay attention not to let water and air enter the hydraulic system, which will change the hydraulic system and cause wear and corrosion of the system

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