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Duluxpro shop butcher: no price without clear quotation

the strict national regulation and control policy has led to a sharp decline in transactions in the real estate market and transmitted the depressed atmosphere to home decoration and building materials and other related fields. However, if consumers think that the market downturn has entered the buyer's market, it is a big mistake

Mr. Yan, the reader, recently encountered a "blocking" problem. A Dulux latex paint with a suggested retail price of 480 yuan was offered by the manufacturer, but the owner of Dulux Xingda specialty store offered 698 yuan, and then gave a 10% discount to the customer and sold it at 628 yuan... In the investigation of the building materials market, it was found that in order to make it easier to "see the dishes", even in a big brand specialty store like Dulux, most of them did not clearly mark the price and were not allowed to quote, which has become a hidden rule of the building materials market

a barrel of paint was "slaughtered" more than 100

Mr. Yan, who lives near Lishui bridge, is currently being renovated. At Lishuiqiao store in Dongfang Jiayuan home furnishing Plaza, Mr. Yan bought a barrel of 18 liters of duluxjialian moisture-proof and flavor-free paint at the recommendation of the owner of duluxpro store

a few days later, when Mr. Yan went to B & Q to buy decoration materials again, he found that the paint he bought sold only more than 400 yuan here. Mr. Yan, who didn't believe that he was "cheated", then went to other specialty stores to make an inquiry and found that he had indeed become a "wronged boss" for once

after Mr. Yan contacted AkzoNobel Beijing Branch, the exclusive store admitted that this wall paint was indeed expensive and returned 130 yuan

Dulux is the main brand of AkzoNobel, the world's No. 1 paint giant, in the Chinese market. Such a "big brand" will also "kill people"? Is this a common phenomenon, or is Mr. Yan unlucky

there is a mystery in the unclear price.

after an unannounced interview, the Beijing Morning Post found that many dealers in duluxpro Beijing refused to quote for the products they sold

"sorry, our company has regulations that do not allow quotation." When the Beijing Morning Post asked the general dealer of Dulux about the price of a certain product as a consumer, the dealer refused to quote in the middle, and said that he had worked in the company for many years, which had always been the rule

visited several duluxpro stores at random and found that they did not clearly mark the prices of all products. The prices of a wide variety of products are basically "blurted out" by the salesperson. On Dulux's official website, it also seems to be very sensitive to the quotation. There is a detailed product introduction on the station, and the only thing missing is the recommended retail price

quotation is not allowed to become the hidden rule of the industry

in the process of investigating Dulux latex paint, it was found that not disclosing the product price is almost the "hidden rule" of the building materials market, and most merchants are more willing to let consumers come to the store, so that merchants are more likely to "see what people eat". Although after more than ten years of development, the opaque price system in the building materials market and the phenomenon of fake big brands behind all kinds of big brands are still worrying

take Lishuiqiao as an example, there are three large building materials supermarkets with a scale of tens of thousands of square meters: Baianju Longde square store, Oriental home building materials supermarket Laiguangying store and Oriental home furnishing square Lishuiqiao store. However, Dongfang Jiayuan building materials supermarket and Dongfang Jiayuan home Plaza are actually two. There are no two control modes d control conditioning mode 2 Mohu control conditioning method (the first in the industry) has any relationship with the market, but its name is "Oriental home"

there are also brands of various building materials that make consumers confused. In the laminate market, you should carefully look for old brands such as Shengxiang, Oudian and del, because if you are not careful, consumers may see more new brands such as Dixiang, Ouxiang and denair

merchants painstakingly set up that they should replace the jaw meter at this time "

even if you carefully observe and select the brand, it is very difficult to shop around. Because manufacturers will increase the difficulty of price comparison to consumers through some "deception"

the usual practice of manufacturers is to use different packages, names and numbers for products of the same model or similar functions in different sales channels of building materials supermarkets and specialty stores

when visiting dongfangjiayuan home Plaza, a franchised store owner mysteriously took out two "good wife" clothes hanger product catalogs. The two catalogues are printed with identical product pictures, but marked with different series numbers, and the guiding prices marked with pencils are also different. The boss said with a smile that the high price one is in the supermarket and the other is in the exclusive store, but the products are exactly the same

although the quality and reputation of some products are good, it is difficult for consumers to obtain a satisfactory price experience. For example, the wooden floor in the Oriental home building materials supermarket is priced by piece and does not include the installation fee, while the wooden floor in the exclusive store is priced by square meters, including the installation fee. There are barrels of Dulux matte 5-in-1 products in B & Q supermarket, but they are not available in specialty stores

blame the immature market? Large companies should set an example

there are less than 10 enterprises with more than 10 million yuan and mainly independent technology; And most small enterprises have low production technology and management level, small output and low product grade. In a few days of unannounced visits, I was surprised to find that the "greasy" existing in the building materials market ten years ago still exists

take the decoration workers to buy materials, and the workers will make eye contact with the shopkeeper. Of course, the consumer will pay for the result of communication. Another engineering plastics chemical giant, Solvay, "the workers will then return to get the Commission, and we must increase the price." Many building materials City sellers do not avoid this "Commission hidden rule" that has existed for more than N years. The samples you see are well made and beautiful. When the workers go to the decoration site with real objects, you will suspect that you read the samples wrong at the beginning. This is the "hidden rule of stealing beams and changing pillars"...

"don't buy building materials for cheap, but expensive ones are not necessarily good things. You have to know the goods!" Some merchants in the building materials city are eager to sum up "experience". But isn't it a sad thing for consumers to become experts after decorating once or twice in their life

some insiders have bluntly said that in fact, the sellers of building materials city do not care much about customer satisfaction. Because it's impossible for anyone to decorate every day. Customers who buy and sell with one hammer do not need to maintain! On the contrary, it is those decoration workers who offend them that offend the "big customers"

in an interview with Dulux, relevant people have repeatedly said: "Chinese consumers are too immature, and the minimum awareness of building materials needs to be improved." However, from the standpoint of consumers, in the context of the immature and non-standard market as a whole, we can only hope that large companies can set an example, at least "big stores should not deceive customers"

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