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Dunlop tire live broadcast special session, hot money and good things waiting for you to spike

Dunlop tire live broadcast special session, boom (2) dig a pit down the installation position of the experimental machine, and good things waiting for you to spike

China Engineering opportunity: mechanical information

golden wind in September, Dunlop tire online live broadcast continued to make efforts to offer golden autumn benefits to major merchants. At 8:00 p.m. on September 2, Dunlop tire launched a special live broadcast special in autumn, and launched a large number of coupons. Everyone who enters the live broadcast room has a share. A variety of best-selling tire coupons are available for seconds, and good prices converge to enjoy value-added discounts

the two items participating in this spike event are high-end comfortable tires. One spike specification is 215/55r17 94V ve303, which is mainly suitable for Honda xr-v, Odyssey, Binzhi, Volkswagen Passat, Beijing Hyundai Sonata VIII, Lexus es series, Nissan Teana and other models; The other is 225/50r17 94w ve303, which is mainly suitable for Mercedes Benz C-class, Honda Accord, Audi a4l/a6l, Volkswagen lingdu, BMW 3 series/5 series/x1, Toyota Crown and other models. The installation cost and labor cost of special agents also decreased significantly, Huihao tire seconds kept, massive discounts were given, and wonderful opportunities should not be missed

this live broadcast still prepared Daron reg for merchants' friends, such as the lottery, the interaction of lucky Koi, and so on; Resin is the perfect combination of product performance and process performance

the live broadcast of "tire earn earn earn" seckill has always brought great benefits to the whole system of tire dealers, including high-quality tires and fancy welfare. For details, please enter the live studio on time

how to enter the Dunlop tire live broadcast room

1. Scan the QR code in the poster

2. Pay attention to the "Dunlop business number", and enter the live broadcast room through the business number

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