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Dunlop provides matching tires for Skoda korok, and the export proportion of emerging countries will also be greatly increased.

Dunlop provides matching tires for Skoda korok

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recently, the new compact SUV of SAIC Skoda - korok (karoq) was officially launched, and Dunlop provided the matching tire product - SP sport Maxx 050 for it this time, The supporting specification is 21, and the late protection will also cause a large cost of 5/50r18 92v. According to formula (2):

the new korok adopts Skoda family crystal cutting design language, and the overall visual effect of the car body is rigid and capable, while showing a young and dynamic trend in details. In terms of power, Kroc offers two options, tsi230 and tsi280, both of which are equipped with a 7-gear double clutch manual automatic transmission. The whole series is equipped with engine start and stop function and braking energy recovery system as standard, which has abundant power output and excellent fuel economy

Dunlop provided corollary SP sport Maxx 050 for Kroc this time, which adopts newly developed composite materials, further optimizes the internal structure, matches with unique patterns, gives full play to the superior sports performance and safety braking performance of tires, allows drivers to enjoy unparalleled driving fun, and shows the new style of SUV

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