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Dulux paint is too "honest" and thick for consumers to get rid of.

Dulux paint is too "honest" and thick for consumers to get rid of.

January 17, 2012

[China paint information] at present, the problem that consumers generally worry about is that it is impossible to measure whether the paint they buy home has the most basic product quality problems, but if there are other problems such as yellowing, cracking, peeling after brushing, we should question the quality, Or the construction problem of painters? If both sides shirk responsibility to each other, how to determine the party? Nowadays, coating enterprises all pay attention to brand marketing, resulting in the shrinkage of investment in after-sales service strategy, and the imperfect after-sales service management of agents and dealers. Various management loopholes are an important reason why consumers have no way to protect their rights

three barrels of Dulux latex paint are too thick to use

a few days ago, Mr. Zhang bought three barrels of latex paint from a Dulux store on Shuyuan Road, Licun. On January 8, the construction workers told him that there was a problem with the latex paint! The lid of the barrel just opened rusted, and the latex paint was so thick that it could not be evenly applied,

"I bought it from dawong building materials home Plaza on the Shuyuan road of Li village three or four days ago, or from a Dulux store. There are three barrels in total, one barrel is large, 18 liters, and two barrels are small, 5 liters each. The problem lies in these two barrels of 5-liter latex paint, one of which has a ring of rust on the end, and the two barrels of latex paint can't be stirred, just like tofu brain." Mr. Zhang told me that such latex paint could not be painted on the wall at all

Mr. Zhang told: "at that time, the worker said that he couldn't wipe it evenly. I thought it was put for a long time, but it didn't work after mixing for a while. Finally, there was nothing to do to meet the customer's needs, so he filtered it with filtration, leaving a layer of transparent colloid on it, which looked like glue. It felt sticky with his hand, and the filtered emulsion paint looked normal. At last, it somehow brushed on the wall." We can see that the small bucket of emulsion paint purchased by Mr. Zhang is a product called "gold 5 in 1". The production date is April, 2010, and the shelf life marked on it is 5 years

history: Dulux paint was complained that the paint caused uneven walls

on the 24th and 26th of 2011, after Mr. Li, a citizen, used the "Dulux" latex paint with quality problems, the walls appeared uneven. Today, Mr. Li told the party newspaper that the "Dulux" retailer, located at No. 77, zone 11 of the new Baihe packing material market, has not yet fulfilled its commitment to replace four barrels of new paint

Mr. Li said that when he negotiated the compensation with the "Dulux" store, the person in charge of the "Dulux" store admitted that the quality problem of Mr. Li's decorators' painting the wall was caused by the improper preservation of the wall paint sold in the store, and agreed to replace him with four barrels of new paint. However, because the person in charge of "Dulux" exclusive store did not agree to compensate Mr. Li for the delay fee, he left angrily. "Dulux hasn't contacted me since then." Mr. Li said that this store is the flagship store of duluxpro in Jinan and is indifferent to quality complaints. Because of the poor after-sales service attitude of the store, he decided that "duluxpro" would not be used in future decoration projects

there are loopholes in the after-sales service of the coating industry, and it is difficult for consumers to safeguard their rights.

it is said that "three coatings, seven divisions of labor" although the importance of construction may be exaggerated in this saying, it can be seen that to ensure the final effect of coating, coating quality and construction are very important links. However, for the current trend that consumers have applied this kind of material, which is the only national automobile lightweight technology product in China, to the internationalization and specialization of the display platform, when they buy paint products from formal channels, they find that brushing them can not achieve the perfect effect of advertising, but instead, how to protect their rights when there are problems such as uneven color and yellowing

just because the coating effect involves two links: quality and construction, and consumers themselves cannot identify the quality of the coating, manufacturers and dealers in charge of sales are easy to blame the problem on the construction link. This brings great difficulties to consumers' rights protection, and also highlights the huge loopholes in the after-sales service of the coating industry

according to the relevant provisions of the law on the protection of consumers' rights and interests hr15t, consumers who suffer personal and property damage in purchasing and using goods or receiving services have the right to compensation according to law. If the negotiation between the consumer and the manufacturer fails, the consumer can also make a ruling through the Department of industry and commerce. The lawsuit caused by the imperfect after-sales service is obviously the final result that a well-known paint brand and its agents do not want to see. So for semi-finished products such as paint, how can paint manufacturers work with their agent dealers to do a good job in after-sales service, so that there are no problems left unattended, and all of them are pushed to the "ball" of construction

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