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Dunlop's "tire safety inspection season" is a travel escort

Dunlop's "tire safety inspection season" is a travel escort

China Construction machinery information, but the national standards often used in friction and wear testing machines are only the following: interest

since January 1, 2021, the new rules for annual inspection of automobile and automobile will be implemented, and the depth detection items of tire tread will be added, Passenger car tires with low tread depth will not pass the annual inspection until they are conditioned to be qualified, which is less than 1.6mm. In order to help car owners find and solve relevant problems in advance and avoid failure of vehicle inspection, Dunlop tire launched a special "tire safety inspection season" activity from November 20, 2020 to January 31, 2021 to promote tire safety knowledge for car owners and eliminate hidden dangers of tire safety

tire detection ensures driving safety

cars rely on tires to support on the road, while tire patterns are in direct contact with the road. The tread pattern plays a variety of roles, such as increasing the friction between the tire and the ground, reducing tire noise, enhancing comfort, cooling and draining the tire, and improving vehicle handling performance. During the use of tires, the tread grooves are constantly worn and consumed. When the loss reaches a certain degree, too shallow tread grooves not only affect its water storage and drainage capacity, resulting in skidding, but also are particularly easy to be punctured by sharp hard objects, causing accidents and endangering driving safety

in the face of the upcoming new vehicle inspection regulations, the degree of tire wear has attracted much attention, and tire inspection will become a necessary part of car owners' driving life. Dunlop tire tips: from November 20, by absorbing and releasing the latent heat of phase change, all car owners can go to the Dunlop tire store to test the tire wear of their car. If the tire tread depth is less than 2.5mm, they need to replace the tire as soon as possible to eliminate potential safety hazards in time

gifts and gratitude for Centennial trust

in addition to providing tire pattern depth detection services, Dunlop tires also gave consumers heavy benefits during this "tire safety inspection season" event: during the event, anyone who purchased specified products in Dunlop tire authorized stores and "Dunlop tire flag ship store" (tmall flagship store) and registered the "Yilu Ping An" applet to complete the service application, You can not only enjoy the value-added guarantee service of special products within 365 days provided by Yilu Ping An, but also have the opportunity to draw cash cards and vouchers. One "Lu" Ping An has prepared super rich prize benefits for consumers, with a total value of 600000 yuan and a winning rate of 100%. The prizes include Ctrip renwoxing card with a maximum value of 3000 yuan and electronic card with a value of 500 yuan and 100 yuan. Surprises should not be missed

as a world leading tire brand with a history of 100 years, Dunlop tire always adheres to the brand spirit of "going forward, never stopping" and the product concept of "rubber technology, innovative tires", and adheres to the research, development and production of high-quality tire products. At the same time, Dunlop tire continues to strengthen service upgrading in the industry. The "Yilu Ping An" value-added guarantee service launched at the beginning of this year has continued to this day. This time, consumers can participate in the "tire safety inspection season" activity, buy the designated products of Dunlop tire, and register the "Yilu Ping An" applet to get a lucky draw. It not only shows the attention of Dunlop tire to the rights and interests of consumers, but also reflects the attention of Dunlop tire to the domestic market

in the future, Dunlop will continue to pay attention to the needs of consumers for products and services, take the Chinese market as the starting point, use excellent products to escort the safe travel of car owners, and give back the opposite support and love of customers with high-quality services

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