Comparison between thermal foaming type and micro

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Ink jet printing: comparison between thermal foaming and micro piezoelectric

thermal foaming inkjet technology will heat the ink in the process of use. The ink is prone to chemical changes at high temperature, and its properties will be stable without too short-term use. Therefore, the authenticity of the color will be affected. On the other hand, because the ink is ejected through bubbles, the directivity and volume of ink particles are difficult to grasp, and the edges of print lines are easy to be uneven, which affects the print quality to a certain extent

micro piezoelectric inkjet technology is to accurately control the size and concentration of ink droplets through micro voltage, so that there is no star like scatter or fog like diffusion at the moment of ejection. Using the voltage, such as the direct conversion principle of wedge-shaped fixture, realize the normal temperature working state of inkjet heads for developing filter cloth, flocculant, woven bag, lining plate, steel ball and other products around the main industry of alumina, and greatly improve the service life of inkjet heads. Mechanical and hydraulic inkjet heads are generally low-frequency. In addition, it is convenient to use pigment ink to realize outdoor application, and the overall ink consumption is small; There is great potential for speed


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