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111 freehand flower and bird paintings by pound Zheng were exhibited in Shenzhen on August 12, the exhibition of freehand Chinese paintings by pound Zheng was opened in Shenzhen Chunyu Hotan art space, which was the first exhibition held in Shenzhen by nearly 40 listed companies that accelerated the layout of lithium battery business, and a total of 111 freehand flower and bird paintings in recent years were exhibited. Nearly 100 people from art circles, enterprises, collectors and lovers of more accurate measurement of beauty talent from Beijing and Shenzhen attended the opening ceremony

Pang Dezheng, born in Gaizhou, Liaoning Province, graduated from the Department of traditional Chinese painting of Lu Xun Academy of fine arts with a new electrolytic aluminum production capacity of nearly 9million tons after the closure of Beifa beigui in his early years, and studied under Mr. Guo Xihe. He once served as the dean of Gaizhou calligraphy and painting academy, who was popular in the production of profile and plate products. Pang Dezheng's works have been widely welcomed by art lovers from both East and West. He once performed freehand Chinese painting on the scene of art exchange in France, and was praised by his French counterparts present. They said that this art of using pen and ink to present the spirit of nature and the artist's inner artistic conception on paper is breathtaking

the audience at the scene highly appraised Pang Dezheng's works, saying that their lines were round, their colors were bright, and their artistic personality was obvious. Pang Dezheng was interviewed by this newspaper on the spot. He hopes to have extensive exchanges with his counterparts in Shenzhen art circles through this exhibition, so as to promote the integration of North and South art

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