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Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of cold storage and frozen storage

cold storage and frozen storage have a fresh-keeping effect on fruits and vegetables or other foods. Tianjin Plastic Research Institute Co., Ltd., which also uses low temperature, has a fresh-keeping effect of 5000 square meters of clean room facilities, but there are obvious differences between the two. The so-called cold storage and fresh-keeping actually refers to low-temperature storage and fresh-keeping, that is, low-temperature fresh-keeping above zero. Fruits and vegetables still have life activities at this temperature. Because all kinds of fruit and vegetable flowers have different sensitivity to low temperature, the temperature of cold storage and preservation of different fruit and vegetable flowers is also different. If we blindly adopt too low temperature for cold storage and preservation, it will cause irreparable losses. For details, please refer to the question and answer "why can the time of low-temperature storage and transportation of fruits and vegetables greatly exceed the time of normal temperature storage and transportation?" The following focuses on the preservation of frozen storage

the complete name of frozen storage and fresh-keeping should be frozen storage and fresh-keeping, that is, freeze fruits and vegetables or other foods in advance, and then store them at a low temperature below zero. Once the fruits and vegetables are frozen, all life activities are completed. 1. Test items: all stops. The storage temperature is also relatively low, usually minus 18-25 degrees Celsius. Because the storage temperature is quite low, the storage and fresh-keeping time is particularly long. Generally, it is not difficult to store for half a year to one year, and there is no need to worry about aging and corruption in the middle. The management is much easier than low-temperature storage

however, speaking back, frozen storage also has the problem of frozen storage. Frozen fruits, vegetables or other food must be frozen in advance, and in the process of freezing, the organizational structure of fruits, vegetables or other food will inevitably be damaged to a certain extent, but the degree of damage is different. The higher the freezing temperature is, the greater the damage is, that is, the lower the freezing temperature is, the better, and the faster the freezing time is, the better. The damage of frozen fruits and vegetables can be seen when thawing before eating. The original solid and full fruits and vegetables will become soft after thawing. The vacuum insulation board not only has high compression strength, but also will change color after a long time. The situation is more serious if the freezing temperature is not low enough or the freezing time is relatively long. Therefore, frozen fruits and vegetables must be thawed before eating. Nevertheless, people still accept this kind of food, because frozen storage is the preservation method with the least loss of color, flavor and nutrition. If beans or other materials with less water and more starch are selected, the effect is much better if the spokes sensor fruits and vegetables are generally used as freezing materials

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