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With the continuous deepening of reform and opening up, the continuous improvement of living standards of our people, as well as the needs of production technology in various industries, central air conditioning has become one of the conditions that non laboratory machine operators must not start the machine at will. Modern buildings must have. Central air conditioning can improve people's living and health, and improve the temperature and humidity of production workshops. However, there are various ideas and opinions on the choice of central air conditioning. This issue is explained as follows: compared with split air conditioning, central air conditioning has various advantages and disadvantages

<1> the air conditioning effect of central air conditioning is better than that of split air conditioning. The central air conditioner can be equipped with duct air conditioner return air outlet or fan coil return air outlet. Now take the total refrigerating capacity 1160kw project as an example; Central air conditioning can make every room (such as restaurants, banquet halls, multi-function halls, office rooms, guest rooms, lobby, recreation center rooms, offices, KTV song and dance halls, acousto-optic control rooms and toilets, etc.) realize the full-year air-conditioning effect of cooling in summer, heating in winter and ventilation in spring and autumn

in order to achieve the same cooling capacity as the central air conditioning, the split air conditioning scheme must purchase 11.6kw (1 × 104kcal/h) 100 split air conditioners, or purchase 2.9kW (0.25 × 104kcal/h) 400 split air conditioners. The split air conditioner can only be used for cooling in summer, while another heating system must be set for heating in winter. Even so, it is difficult to ensure that each room can be equipped with a split air conditioner. Because the connecting pipe between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit of the split air conditioner is generally 3M long, and the longest is 5m. Due to limited conditions, it is difficult to ensure the installation distance between the indoor and outdoor units in some rooms, and the displacement accuracy is less than 5m. If it is greater than 5m, the effect of the split air conditioner is not very good

<2> central air conditioning can ensure the delivery of fresh air to the room, so that the room always keeps the air fresh and hygienic. However, the split air conditioner cannot send fresh air, so it is difficult to ensure the freshness of the air in the air-conditioned room; If you open the door and ventilate through the window, the cooling capacity will be greatly lost, which will not only affect the room temperature, but also waste energy

<3) the investment of central air conditioning is lower than that of split air conditioning. For example, the refrigerating capacity of 1160kw central air conditioner is not that the performance of all degradable materials has reached the standard of engineering plastics. The total investment of air conditioning equipment is about 3.8 million yuan, while the investment cost of split air conditioners with the same refrigerating capacity is 400 sets * 10000 yuan/set =4million yuan. If the civil engineering cost of the refrigeration station of the central air conditioner is roughly estimated to be 100000 yuan, the total investment in civil engineering and equipment of the central air conditioner is 3.9 million yuan; If the cost of heating equipment in winter is roughly estimated to be 400000 yuan for split air conditioning, the total investment of equipment for cooling in summer and heating in winter for split air conditioning is 4.4 million yuan. It can be seen that the investment cost of central air conditioning is still lower than that of split air conditioning plus heating system

<4> the operation and management of central air conditioning is flexible and convenient, and the operation cost is lower than that of split air conditioning. The central air conditioning refrigeration station can directly control the start-up and shutdown time and cooling capacity of the refrigerator, which can be adjusted according to climate change to save operating electricity. When the refrigerating capacity of the split air conditioner is greater than 58kw, its operating electricity charge is greater than that of the central air conditioner, and it is difficult to carry out unified control of the decentralized rooms

<5) the central air conditioner has few faults and is easy to repair. The central air conditioner is not prone to failure, whether it is the air conditioning unit and return air duct system, or the room fan coil and fresh air system, while the refrigeration equipment is located in the refrigeration station, which is convenient for maintenance. However, split air conditioners of split air conditioners are everywhere. There are not only a large number of refrigeration compressors, but also most of them are hung on the outer wall. It is difficult to repair them one by one when they fail

<6> long service life of central air conditioning. If the split air conditioner is for public use, it generally needs to be replaced in 3 ~ 5 years, while the central air conditioner can be used for 8 ~ 15 years

<7> the noise of central air conditioning is less than that of split air conditioning. The central air conditioner can be equipped with various silencing devices to reduce noise, while the split air conditioner, such as the window air conditioner, is difficult to achieve noise reduction measures

<8> central air conditioning can closely cooperate with decoration construction to achieve a luxurious and lively effect. Central air-conditioning pipelines and equipment can be concealed in the ceiling, so that the decoration of rooms with different functions can achieve the layout of various shapes, realize the special effect of high-end decoration of modern buildings, and give people an elegant, luxurious, lively and comfortable aesthetic feeling. However, the air-cooled outdoor units of the split air conditioner must be hung on the outer wall or installed on the outdoor ground, which affects the effect of external decoration, while the indoor units must be hung on the inner wall or placed on the ground, which also takes up the indoor space, which virtually reduces the recovery of the room by 20% and the unnecessary expenditure of various items by 18%

<9> condensate of split air conditioner is not easy to handle

the above is a comparison of some advantages and disadvantages of central air conditioning and split air conditioning. This is the advantage of large and medium-sized central air conditioning. If it is used in a family, it needs to be considered additionally. (end)

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