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A letter from baweiler paper equipment to global customers: normal operation during the epidemic period

release date: realize the reduction of packaging materials source: China good packaging

recently, baweiler paper equipment group issued a letter to global customers, informing customers that "during the epidemic period, baweiler paper equipment group will operate normally."

baweiler paper equipment group has two major brands in the corrugated processing industry: Magui and Xiangyi, which specializes in providing market leading technology for corrugated board production and processing. In the letter, Bavaria paper equipment group said: at present, in most cases, it is still guaranteed to send parts within 24 hours; The delivery date has not been affected (3) the plunger in the oil pump cannot work normally. If there is any change, we will inform you as soon as possible

a letter from baweiler paper equipment to global customers

Dear customers:

during the epidemic, baweiler paper equipment group will operate normally. BWP is always committed to the safety of our team members, customers, suppliers and communities. We are concerned about covid-19 and its impact of covid-19, and follow the CDC health guidelines and government recommendations to take measures to protect all parties involved

according to the guidance of the CDC, we are taking the following disease prevention measures and have more time to invest in teaching practice and research:

all team members must abide by travel guidelines and restrictions

wash hands frequently and use disinfectants every day

reduce travel and host meetings to avoid close social contact

team members stay at home when they are ill

for more information about the prevention and response to covid-19 of covid-19, please visit the following page of China CDC station: the benefits are really not a star and a half

to ensure the business process between BWP and suppliers and customers:

1. Our global supply chain team is actively tracking the impact of our supplier network in an all-round way:

open lines outside working hours to provide rapid response and fast services

monitor the inventory level of all warehouses and actively ensure the global supply of parts. At present, in most cases, we still guarantee to send parts within 24 hours

at present, our delivery date has not been affected. If there is any change, we will inform you as soon as possible

2. The global on-site service team is ready to provide service support to customers in its region:

we can provide travel records and the itinerary of service technicians

service technicians ensure to follow the disease prevention recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, and actively monitor their body temperature to ensure their own and others' health

we provide remote communication to eliminate machine faults through remote diagnosis; And you can connect BWP technical experts with your maintenance personnel or technicians through the field application fieldview to quickly solve field problems

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