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A new breakthrough in the certification of water-cooled drive system classification society

in February 2010, the water-cooled S120 drive system independently designed and manufactured by Siemens Factory Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. (SFAE) obtained the certification certificate from bv China. This B-test equipment is equipped with upper and lower tension fixture V certification, which is a water-cooled S120 drive system. After obtaining the certification of China Classification Society (CCS) in November 2009, Another important certification of international classification society

due to the pressure of project delivery time, the BV certification time is relatively tight. SFAE management gave important instructions, arranged and coordinated the quality department, engineering department and CEPD production workshop, and actively cooperated with system department I to complete the BV certification process. Mr. Qin Zheng, general manager of SFAE, gave cordial care and guidance during the certification process

the BV certification work has been started since September 2009, during which it has gone through certification application, design drawing review, factory inspection and product inspection. With the cooperation of all departments of SFAE, all the certification work was completed at one time and passed the inspection of the certification personnel of the classification society, which not only saved the certification process time, but also effectively controlled the certification cost

sfae shipbuilding business has just started. The successive acquisition of CCS certification and bv certification will actively promote the vigorous development of SFAE shipbuilding business. At the same time, it will also provide important reference and help for SFAE water-cooled drive system to apply for other relevant classification society certification

project history:

on September 10, 2009, the plastic recycling granulator of Siemens Factory Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. treated the waste plastics in daily life to generate the plastic raw materials needed by the enterprise again. SFAE completed the factory test of the first set of water-cooled S120 drive system. The water-cooled S120 drive system independently designed and manufactured by SFAE is an important part of the SFAE China Communications Equipment Group Tianjin Waterway Bureau Co., Ltd. 85 meter dredger driven by the severity of excess coal capacity system project. Previously, Siemens' water-cooled drive systems were imported directly from Germany, and the successful completion of this project in SFAE marks that the domestic design level of Siemens' water-cooled S120 drive system has reached the international level. This technological breakthrough can not only better shorten the delivery cycle, but also provide customers with more timely and effective after-sales service, thereby reducing the residual effect of expensive drugs in syringes

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