A new concept of HMR is emerging and popular abroa

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A new concept of HMR is emerging and popular abroad

due to the development of supermarkets and fast food stores, a new concept of HMR is emerging and popular abroad in recent years. HMR market is developing rapidly. In order to prevent the influence of odor (referring to odor and odor) of packaging items, deodorization packaging was developed. At present, there are more than 40 kinds of deodorizing packaging materials, mainly divided into three types. Class a belongs to the chemical deodorization type, which can remove the odor or peculiar smell of nitrogen compounds and sulfur compounds plus ammonia, dimethylamine, trimethylamine, hydrogen sulfide, etc. Class B physical type is mainly used to remove odor or peculiar smell such as hydrogen sulfide and carboxylic acid. It is specially used as a test point for one cycle torque, which has a good deodorization effect on high concentration hydrogen sulfide. Class C materials are mixed deodorization type. It is mainly made of activated carbon deodorant, and the characteristics of this kind of material are low concentration and good deodorization. Deodorizing wrapping paper film used in food packaging can also play a deodorizing and fresh-keeping effect. General deodorization package Amway is mainly used for the packaging of food with special smell or peculiar smell, agricultural products and aquatic products in the international market. In addition, enterprises must always pay attention to the improvement of product formula, performance, medical materials, sanitary materials, daily sundries and other packaging has also made progress.

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